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admin | Natural Weight Loss Supplement | 01.06.2014
A few days ago I answered a reader’s question here on the site that asked “Can You Get A Great Body Exercising 12 Minutes Per Day?” The basis for the question was the famous Zuzana, formerly of Bodyrock and her successor on the site Lisa Marie.
Now if you read my response carefully and thoroughly, you’ll see that I answer the question in some detail.
The reason why it gets me so mad is because they are discouraging people by telling them that they have to be on a super strict diet and dedicate at least 45 minutes 5-6 times a week to get fit. As a matter of fact any healthy individual can lose weight and get fit and lean by doing short high intensity workouts (15 minutes, 5-7 days a week) and following basic eating habits. What’s really interesting is that many people who follow Bodyrock and Zuzana actually agreed with my thoughts! I could go on with these FACTS but let me ask you, Zuzana, how many people have you trained in your life? As I’ve said – I’ve never met anyone with an amazing body who achieved it in just 12 minutes a day. YES, you can improve your health and fitness with short workouts – BUT they have their limitations.
Caitlin Weeks, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyThe main thing figure competitors do is diet like crazy and do lots of cardio. Alfonso, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyGood for you, I'm sure your body is just like Z's. Sammi, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyI've also did Zuzana's workouts with success, but I can assure you they weren't all 12 mins long. Alice, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyIf you are the Lisa MG (I won't write the extended name to protect your privacy) who has just posted a comment in Zuzana's Facebook wall, then your body is NOT like Zuzana's. Rumi, December 24, 2012Log in to ReplyLisa, Zuzka Light workouts are imbalanced and you may feel it yet. Adriana, September 26, 2014Log in to ReplyMy name is Adriana I was just posted this past month on Zuzana website for my body transformation!
I'm sure you look good, but I highly doubt you have the physique Z did while being with BR. RC, March 18, 2015Adriana, is it just a coincidence that you, same as Zuzana, are using the word "then" instead of "than" in a wrong way?
Speaking of training: My wife has a great body at her age (46), most people think she is 10 years younger. Daniela, November 12, 2014Log in to ReplyDear Alfonso, thank you very much for your review.
I would be very thankful, really, if you could just give me some light and say - as you cited already - that she does workout in a kind of gym or so. Erika, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyI have never heard of this woman and after the attack on you with out even reading your comments thoroughly I have no desire to hear anything she has to say. I've followed Zuzana for 1.5 years--I add jump rope, I do yoga days, I do your workouts and others' high intensity stuff too--and I'm 17% fat and strangers approach me to say I have "awesome abs" or arms or legs or whatever.
Chris, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyIf you take 15 minutes as the base then it's more like 25 to 30 minutes for the total workout including warm up and cool down. However, I have to agree that at a certain point, your body will plateau and require more - I know for myself, it only took about 4 months until I started increasing not only the amount of time, but more weight and changing up the format.
On a side note, aren't fitness models doing isolating reps in the gym with weights rather than dynamic functional exercise? Lauren, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyYeah, I don't believe for a minute that only doing a 15 minute workout will make you look anything like Lisa-Marie or Zuzana. So going back to the question, I think Zuzana got this pissed because you were opening people's eyes and telling them the truth. Having said all this, I am not saying that Zwows are not effective: they are great for beginners and they are a good starting point. Anyway she should never have insulted you (you have ALWAYS supported her, even advertising her site in yours) and this proves that her conscience is not that clean. Name (required), September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyI'm interested in hearing from people who use her workouts. Alice, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyKendra, unfortunately both Zuzana and Freddy (and now Lisa Marie) have always done all they could to nourish this sort of fan base.
Jf, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyWould it have 1000's of follows if either of them told you the lengths they have to go to in order to stay that lean. Elaina, September 12, 2012Log in to ReplyAgain, written with class and taste but most important, FACTS AND RESEARCH! No, in my opinion you CANNOT sculpt a physique like Zuzana or Lisa Marie’s with just 12 minutes of exercise per day.
Many of them HAD seen results when they first started out but as I suspected, all said they needed to add more time, more movements and in general supplement their routine because their results started to fall short.
Well here are some real FACTS – it can take up to twenty minutes for exercise to reduce insulin levels and lower blood sugar enough to get into a fat burning zone. In order to coax your body into adding lean slabs of beef, you must try to fully exhaust the muscle and its fibers.
I’m sure you’ve all been a fan of Zuzana for some time now and followed along with her suggestions. If you’ve got a solid base from years of hard labor in the gym then perhaps you can maintain for a while with such a short stimulus, but you aint building a Greek goddess or god–like physique in that time.
Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind. Angry Trainer I do have a body like Zuzana I do her workouts religiously and have done for the last 6 months ONLY and she has changed my life her workouts have changed my life!

From 40+ workouts from her last youtube channel, there are only 3 workouts with back exercises and she rarely does hamstring exercises too. I gave birth to 2 children all I do is her workouts 5-7 days a week and eat clean and look amazing! The original question that I answered was can a woman get a body like ZUZANA, not YOU, in 12 minutes per day. But if you're going to come at me with a condescending attitude and challenge me, you better have your facts straight. Twelve minutes a day is great for health and general fitness, but not enough to get a rock hard bod!
Well, I am a huge fan of BodyRock, and I have done one workout from Zuzana since she ventured out on her own. It is my opinion (let the incendiary comments fly people!) that it was the *other* portion of the BodyRock site (ahem) that crowed and screamed about "If you have ONLY 12 minutes, you can get in the best shape of your life! This is why this is silly and pointless and unwise to the extreme and make neither party look good in any sane knowledgable persons eyes!
I was a little put off when I read her rant yesterday, to be honest, and I think you wrote a response today that shows how discussions should truly take place- with respect and without name calling. I could be mistaken but they will actually give you bonus workouts or warmups to do for a supplement, but even that without super-strict clean eating will not get you to that level of body fat, but hey I have never gotten to it, so I don't know what the level of dedication is. People prefer to believe in dreams, prefer to have heroes, prefer to be brainwashed by this cult-like mechanism that has always been very strong both at Zuzana's and at Bodyrock's sites. But for intermediate and advanced levels, I think other types of workouts are way more effective. She either works out much longer than she claims she does or she is the only example on the planet of a person who can have very well developed muscles by doing mainly bodyweight exercises 15 minutes a day.
There is definitely a matter of $$ involved by Zuzana and BodyRock in wanting people to believe they can get a body like that by doing their 12 minute routines.
Everything I've heard about Zuzana is from horny men who like looking at her not people who actually do her workouts.
The boobs-strategy, so to speak, has always been a very clear technique to keep providing this horny fan base with what they wanted: sexy stuff that they could get free of charge. Wanting to make money with her site is all very fine but I am sorry she has not been able to get rid of the "boobs factor" as one of her channel's main selling points.
You can improve your body in 12 minutes a day but it takes a lot more than that to get as lean as LM or Z. Of course, Zuzana's workouts do not provide fitness competitor's body composition, but are enough for majority of people to get in way better shape than they are now. Now remember the question wasn’t “Will 12 minutes of exercise per day benefit a person’s health and fitness?” It was CAN YOU get a body like these two women in such a short workout?
And since Zuzana wants to speak about science and what’s been proven – let’s get the facts straight about hormone and endorphin release. Sure a 12-minute HIIT session is great and you will burn SOME calories and get a boost in your post calorie burn. I see people like this all the time who have given themselves adrenal burnout and possible thyroid disfunction. I take care about what I eat and combined with her workouts Im pleased to say that I have a very low percentage of body fat! The 'full story' and Z's training background will give you the information you really need.
Yes Zuzanas workouts are awesome - I do them myself and they are incredibly challenging as they use lots of large muscle groups at once which keeps your heart rate through the roof BUT I also lift heavy weights at least 5 days a week and even I don't yet have the physic of Zuzana.
Me and my wife are medical professionals (she is a doctor, I am both, a doctor and a pharmacist) and this whole 12 minutes story is great publicity but nothing more. I am thin and I always was so the difference that I see in my body is significatn but is not even close to what I wish (to get more ripped as her). Or do you believe that despite of time - you can really get a ripped body just working out at home? I'm sorry she called you a "Fat liar", but I still think you are not quite arguing about *exactly* the same thing. For sites like Zuzana and Bodyrock, that make a huge amount of money out of traffic (number of views), the most important thing is to keep people happy and keep fidelization levels high. This way, people will keep nourishing the delusional illusion that one day, after many many days of 15 minutes' workouts, they'll magically end-up with Zuzana's abs, Zuzana's lean but well developed muscles, Zuzana's ultra-low fat percentage. No hate, but I've always thought of her more of eye candy than a source for reliable fitness information. No wonder they have never really censored those pervy comments because they have always known that they were providing them with good money.
I suspect Z's diet is very strict and I know first hand that LM works out a lot more than 12 minutes a day.
I like both you and Zuzana, and i used to bodyrock like 2-3 times a week (now I have new work so its much harder to put my schedule in order :D), but I like variety. That's sad, really sad, especially when you think about her 'happy go lucky positive attitude' she's always been trying to promote.
I’ll tell you – multiple sets of exercise that fatigue the muscles, break them down and force them to repair themselves, bigger and stronger, for the next challenge. Although she’s a bit softer now then in her Bodyrock days, she still looks like a fitness competitor.
You won’t find ANYONE with any type of qualifications or credentials telling you that all you need is 12–15 minutes, 5 days per week.

The only difference now is that you are probably a little thinner and with a little more muscle tone. Actually Zuzka workouts are dangerous because they create strong front part of the body and weak back part.
Either she has INCREDIBLY good genetics which is entirely possible or she lifts heavy weights. Even when she was 30 only, she was looking great but not like Zuzana (body) and she was doing at least one our per day training. People just need to use their brains to realize the truth but apparently it is much easier to follow their "internet gurus" instead of using their brains. I so incorporated another workouts in the last months, mostly from Ditness Blender (I didn't know you before today) and even tough I am no having the results that I really wish - practicing both workouts.
That may very well be because, especially as a mom of two crazy lil boys, consistency is easier with a short time frame. People are lazy: do they prefer to hear that 12-15 minutes a day will make their bodies look great or do they prefer to be told the truth, which is that they need to work harder if they want to keep looking great in the long run?
And of course Zuzana must find it very convenient that people keep living in this illusion, as this is precisely the mechanism that has enabled her to go to Hollywood and reach fame and glory there.
Now and on days when i was doing bodyrock WO i have been training for at least 45 minutes, and THEN i really saw results. I’m not going to recite everything I wrote in my answer, BUT to call me a Big Fat Liar and say I should know better is plain wrong. It’s PROVEN that after longer bouts of exercise – around the post 30-minute mark – endorphins start to get released and that growth hormone (the fat burning granddaddy) and testosterone (muscle building) levels begin to rise as well. Training intensely for 45 minutes may yield up to a 500-calorie burn but also an additional 200 calories may be burned throughout the course of the day. Have you ever personally helped a person lose 50, 60 or more pounds and get in the best shape of their life? But the fact is she DIDN’T really read what I was saying – and neither did her army of fans. This is a base for injury but it takes time to start feeling back and knee pain and you may not connect it with imbalance workouts.
She says she doesnt lift heavy weights and who am I to call her out on it so I go with the good genes theory - but in that case she is a freak of nature and most normal women will find it VERY VERY difficult to build that amount of lean muscle mass doing only 12 minutes of body weight exercises per day. I used to think that thats all they did was 12min but not even I who preps for shows does that little and I eat super clean and on point for these shows!!! I have been "bodyrocking" since about February and I feel amazing and look the best I ever have.
Starting my day with a 12 minute workout is great, and knowing that I've done SOMETHING if I don't have time to do anything else on any given day is comforting for me. People who are not brainwashed clearly see that Zuzana - despite her positive attitude and great enthusiasm - has not built her success because of her extensive knowledge, experience and fitness skills but because of her looks. It's everyone's right to choose what they believe in and huge amount of people are satisfied wit the results 15 min per day give them. Additionally, it’s been shown that these levels continue in a linear fashion over time, peaking around the 70-minute mark.
Instead they just went on the attack, telling me that I didn’t know what I was talking about!
You would have obtained similar results with virtually any sort of training and, considering what your physique looks like, you'd benefit a lot more from strength training. Many people, unfortunately, judge the quality of the fitness routines by the look of the trainer, completely forgetting that at least 80% of those looks is the result of good genes (Zuzana has always looked very nice, even before working out.
So, it's possible to tone up your body with basics, but, yes, if you want to have a fitness freak body, you have to follow a fitness plan, designed by fitness experts.
I feel this was necessary as my body was adjusting to being fit and I needed more of a push and challenge to see further results. I don't feel that release of energy all the time that is so important to helping me manage stress and anxiety (one of the biggest reasons I work out at all).
But I also feel that I've lost some of the muscle definition I had obtained from doing more weight-lifting and cardio.
People, who often fall prey to marketing and adv mechanisms, think that if they do her routines and religiously follow her workouts they'll eventually become somehow similar to her (lots of her viewers keep writing "I'm working hard to have a body like yours").
I did see initial results, as a change in my workout routine helped me push through a plateau, but I find myself now increasingly less satisfied and have started to add in different forms of exercise. Money is also the reason why we often get to see more of Zuzana's boobs than of Zuzana's face: sex sells and both she and her previous husband have always exploited this ingredient to increase traffic to their site. I've started going to BodyPump again and I'm planning to reintroduce some steady-rate cardio as well. Kudos my friend :) Zuzana may feel like you were being critical of her method and she was probably insulted, but she should have read the post herself and been diplomatic and respectful about her view. I would have to agree that it's a big statement to claim that such short workouts can give you a rock hard body, and if that's what you're after, I fully believe you're going to have put a lot more into your sculpting efforts than 12 minutes.

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