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Sometimes with the hype of fancy pseudoscientifi c-sounding new ingredients, or heretoday-gone-tomorrow over-the-counter anabolics, we forget about the simple supplements that have been around for a long time without garnering much attention yet have compelling research behind them to support their use as growth promoters.
Twelve trained men underwent two weeks of supplementation with either betaine (1.25 g twice per day) or a placebo.
Betaine has been used in animal husbandry to improve feed ef ciency (more muscle and less fat) for more than 50 years. Betaine (pronounced beet-uheen) was originally isolated from sugar beets (hence the awkward pronunciation). Following a two-week washout period (taking neither betaine or placebo), subjects switched groups.

Betaine naturally occurs in most living plants and animals and is an oxidation product of choline metabolism. Muscle biopsies were taken from the quads and analyzed for signaling proteins (Akt, p70S6k, AMPK). Betaine supplementation produced a near signifi cant increase in GH and signifi cantly increased IGF-1 levels. In fact, a lack of sufficient methyl donor nutrients such as choline, betaine, methionine, and folate is the only nutrient deficiency known to be carcinogenic in and of itself. As an osmolyte, it plays a role similar to taurine by protecting cells from dehydration by drawing water into the cell.
We had believed it was its ability to draw water into the cell that was responsible for some of the anabolic properties reported in animal studies and in animal husbandry.

But a recent study done on trained subjects shows there is more going on that just cell swelling. Phosphorylation of AMPK (catabolic) decreased during both treatments, which is a good thing.
Betaine supplementation at about 2.5 grams per day enhanced both the anabolic hormonal profi le and the corresponding anabolic signaling in muscle tissue.

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