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A mass gainer is just a convenient way to get your calories in, which isn't needed if you are eating enough whole foods.
Protein is simliar, you do not need to supplement it into your diet if you're getting enough through whole foods (which you should aim for).
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100 percent this op, you need to nail down your macros and realize that food is the only way that your going to gain mass.

Take a look at the Nutrition Section, read the stickies, and find out how much you need to eat. If you do decide to go this direction, iForce Mass Gainz and Universal Real Gains are good options.
If you weigh 120 and you're an ectomorph(Meaning you have a hard time gaining weight and have low bodyfat) then I suggest just crammin down anything. As far as protein, if you have a hard time and want a gainer look for one like Iforce Mass Gainz, it has carbs from quality whole food sources.

Most of your Cals should be coming from whole foods, use protein sparingly to help hit your daily intake. Perhaps if you feel the need to drink a shake, think of making a homemade weight gainer by putting oats, banana, milk, peanut butter and protein all together.

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