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Yes, both forms of creatine work and work well, but if you have the choice pick creatine citrate to really get the most in lean mass. Supplements bodybuilding, build muscle, lean muscle, supplementsAbout KevinI'm a personal trainer and love to help my associates get the body they always dreamed of.
Get Lean and Powerful with Ripped Muscle X Natural FormulaIs getting ripped a priority for you? You Need 1 Hell of an All Body Workout To Get Ripped Like ThisDecember 29, 2015 By Kevin Leave a CommentI would say a combination of walk the plank, some great butt workouts would help firm you up But this is taking things to another level I mean getting ripped muscles like this with 5% bodyfat is pretty dangerous as well. As bodybuilding supplements grow in popularity, the public’s exposure to them has understandably increased. Creatine monohydrate is one of the cheapest and most widely-used bodybuilding supplements available. The main side-effects associated with creatine use are muscle cramping, diarrhea and nausea.
Diarrhea and nausea are often the result of creatine breaking down into creatinine while still in the gut, causing severe GI-distress. Whey protein is another product that can lead to bloating, nausea, and in more extreme cases, diarrhea. Furthermore, some people can develop an intolerance to a particular kind of protein if they consume too much of it for too long. From bloating caused by fish oil to headaches caused by nitric oxide products, there are many supplements that carry varying degrees of side-effects. Katherine Flowers does research for Elite Vitamin Zone regarding current trends in health and fitness. The fact that women too can master the art of bodybuilding is often disregarded and neglected. The reality of the situation is that muscles are not just for men, women too can be wildly passionate about them. To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workout, women require specific bodybuilding supplements.
It is worth noting that the women’s bodybuilding supplement needs are quite different from those of men. For all those tough, hard-hitting and hardworking ladies out there, here are 4 of the most essential female bodybuilding supplements.
Female bodybuilders are advised to increase their meat consumption in an effort to heighten their protein intake. However, loading up on meat alone does not help fulfil the protein requirements of a bodybuilder.
Since protein is simply a category of chemical compounds, it can be quite difficult for women to decide which particular protein to use in order to improve their bodybuilding endeavours. According to recently conducted studies, whey and casein protein after workouts is the best supplement for adding on some lean muscle mass. If you want to get the best out of your protein supplements, then have 10-15 grams of protein before working out and another 20-30 grams post workout.
Creatine is one the more popular supplements out there and it is an integral part of any female workout plan. For your information, creatine is actually produced naturally in the muscles, which makes it the perfect supplement to significantly increase fat free muscle gain.

Furthermore, if you want to boost your endurance and last longer in the gym, then creatine should be your supplement of choice. 3-5 grams of creatine pre-workout and a similar amount after workout work wonders for most women. Branched Chain Amino Acids, also known as BCAAs, sounds like a highly complicated supplement that should be avoided, but in reality it is a combination of three essential amino acids which are not produced naturally in the body and therefore have to be consumed. All three amino acids in this combination have a similar composition and should be ingested together for the best results. Isoleucine, leucine and valineleucine play a vital role in muscle building by increasing the production of the insulin and by speeding up the rate of protein synthesis in the body.
When all three of these amino acids are taken together, they can be converted into glucose quite easily. 23 g of BCAAs both before and after workouts is the ideal way to start off with these supplements.
NO is a gas which is produced naturally in the body to perform the function of dilating the blood vessels. If you were a big fan of chemistry or biology back in your high school days or are still now, then you should know all about arginine.
When this amino acid is ingested in the body, it is broken down into another amino acid called citrulline. Since the bodies of men and women are physically and physiologically different, there supplement requirements vary. Ingesting the above mentioned supplements in their recommended dosages should give women a platform to kick start their bodybuilding activities. Ways to increase HGH for Boosting muscle growth naturallyHGH or Human Growth Hormone has been known to increase .. 5 Tips to help you eat more protein and build massProtein is an essential macronutrient for anyone ..
Putting on weight on a scale may be pretty simple business (just eat more and train hard), but putting on LEAN muscle is a whole different story. The results are much better, quicker and you avoid the problem of retaining too much water that can come along with its monohydrate cousin.
You’ve just been let in on some of the well kept secrets the professionals use to get an edge on their fitness competition. Products with potentially harmful side-effects have found their way on to the shelves and can easily end up in the hands of overzealous consumers who simply do not know how to use them.
Although creatine can prove to be extremely effective at boosting strength and endurance levels, it must be used with caution.
Muscle cramps are usually due to dehydration so it is vital that you consume plenty of water – more than you usually would – while using creatine. This can be prevented by ensuring your creatine does not sit in water for too long before drinking. Assuming you are not lactose intolerant and do not have a severe dairy allergy, you may simply be consuming too much for your body to effectively process. It can sometimes be a good idea to switch over to a different brand or consider using a different kind of protein such as egg, pea, or beef and see if this helps with your GI-distress.
The important thing to remember is that everyone is different and the way one person reacts to a substance is not necessarily how your body will react.

She shares her experiences and regimen, including intake of vitamin supplements to help readers lead a healthy lifestyle.
It is assumed that only men are interested in hitting the gym and running wild with the weights to gain some impressive mass on their stout bodies.
But you will definitely come across countless women who are getting their bodybuilding game on point to develop a physique as remarkable as that of Ronda Rousey’s.
It is also known to enhance the strength in the body and improve your work rate during high intensity exercise tasks. The converted glucose gives ladies a much needed energy boost when working out for prolonged periods in the gym.
As you become more used to the effects of BCAAs, you can increase your dosage to about 50 grams.
It thus increases the flow of blood and when blood flow is increased, the rate at which nutrients, supplements and other essential contents are passed on to the muscles is significantly raised. To increase the NO levels in your body, you need to consume a specific amino acid by the name of arginine. If you take the time to read any sort of bodybuilding magazine, you’re probably not surprised to see creatine first on our list. Just don’t forget, the real trick is not only investing in bodybuilding supplements like these that have a proven record of hardcore success, but also training hard and eating clean. Some people are fearful of bloating causes by water retention; however, this is likely to be worse if your body is not adequately hydrated and cannot effectively process the creatine. As a safe estimate, you should not add creatine to your workout water where it will be sitting in suspension for longer than 90 minutes.
If you do find yourself suffering side-effects as a result of using whey protein, it may be a good idea to reduce your intake to just one or two shakes per day. When using a new supplement, understand exactly why you are using it and start with the lowest dose.
You can take the latest and greatest bodybuilding supplements, but if you’re not consuming enough protein you could end up disappointed. The healthy fats in fish oil act as an ultra-efficient fuel source that can encourage your body to become more lean, their healing properties speed up recovery times between weight training sessions and, maybe most incredibly, fish oils can even help mental focus in the gym. As with all aspects of bodybuilding, experimentation is vital, and by finding what works best for your body, you will be able to minimize the potential side-effects of otherwise-effective supplements. Aim for a total of 1.5 grams of protein a day for every pound you weigh split between healthy meals and easily digestible whey protein, This is truly setting yourself up for success. But did you know creatine monohydrate, the most widely available form of creatine, may not be your best choice? Fish oils are one of the bodybuilding supplements where there has been a few problems with quality control by fly by night companies.

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