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Who's Online Contributions List Contribution Actions Contribute My Contributions Contribute Arcade What's New? In case you missed it, a few mainstream publications covered a recent study that supposedly linked supplement use in men to a higher risk of developing testicular cancer. Getting to the truth often requires a close examination of a study itself, rather than the conclusions the press draws from it, so let's take a sharp look at the research and facts you should know. The study in question was performed by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut. The researchers interviewed over 350 men aged 18-55 diagnosed with testicular cancer between 2006 and 2010, along with over 500 control subjects (men without testicular cancer). Another potential problem with this study is the fact that they used a questionnaire that relied on subjects' memories of their previous supplement use. One of the biggest shortcomings of the study, though, is that no one really knows what kind of supplements the subjects were using!
Comparing androstenedione with protein powders and creatine, and then lumping them all together, is ridiculous. I am not a person inclined to culinary quests, I keep my diet to the most simple ingredients. I learnt to listen to my body for training at gym, and then expanded that to understanding the different effects food has on my body and how much of it I need to have for it to alter that effect.
High sugar content - gives a temporary boost to thought, but too much leads to a sugar crash, and you can only really use it with a certain frequency, for me thats like once biweekly.
Nuts - I find that the are good for temporarily increasing mental drive and vigor and determination. To me, everything has a cool off period by which you need to wait a bit for a new cycle of possible combos to begin again. I have no physical results from doing this, I only have motivational and satisfaction results. Oh and fruits - It really depends on the fruit, but too much generally strings me out like carbs can.
I generally seek out variety, but often use, switch and change up staples to keep them alternating and thusly semi fresh.
I alternate my excercising schedule on a dimmer switch, turning up and down the volume, sensitive to my needs and goals nd have a tightly worked out workout regime full of the best excercises for me personally. I'm looking for better places to find unusual ingredients, but can't really find then as markets typically are local produce and people stick with the meat and potatoes stuff.

I want to add one small tip for people who want to buy lots of fruits but don't want to spend too much money on it. Supermarkets sound different where you guys are at but around the areas I've been in they have farmers' markets. NextASF is new and improved, focused on helping men achieve their ultimate desires in sex and love. That would indeed be really big news except for the fact that, well, the study results and methodology really weren't so cut and dry! The truth isn't as sensational as certain fear-mongering reports have suggested, but I think you're entitled to an analysis that doesn't necessarily require a villain?in this case, dietary supplements. More precisely, they found a higher risk of testicular cancer in men who reported using more than one kind of supplement, in those who started using supplements before the age of 25, and in those who used supplements for three years or more. Imagine doing the same study and replacing supplements with the ingestion of any common food or food products.
It's well established that most people can't accurately recall what they consumed a week ago, let alone several years ago. Plus, there's no telling whether or not the supplements the subjects used were spiked with anabolic steroids or other questionable ingredients not listed on product labels. When someone tries to inform misinform you that supplements have been found to increase the risk of cancer, you can inform them of the real flaws in the research. I'll probably get a sample of everything I can, and then over a time period mark off the effects I notice, and use my instincts to know which ones to buy and when. I mean, the supermarkets piss me off cuz its like they have these staples for their community, and there is no change except for with fruit seasons. The author points out that it's the hormones and crap in the milk (non organic) that hurts people, not the milk itself - something healthy humans have been ENJOYING for thousands of years. This is how i do it (it may be only here in vienna): go to a supermarket at 4pm on a saturday, very often they sell fruits and vegetables for a 50% or sometimes more discount. Also our local fruit and vegetable market here every spring, summer and early autumn weekend is AWESOME! Think of a flea market with only organic fruits, vegetables, and various farm products (soaps, raw honey, kettle corn, etc.). This forum is focused on meeting new women and keeping them in your life, but all topics regarding men's health and happiness are welcome!
The truth isn't as sensational as certain fear-mongering reports have suggested, but I think you're entitled to an analysis that doesn't necessarily require a villain—in this case, dietary supplements.

The inclusion of androstenedione?an illegal anabolic prohormone, or precursor to testosterone?should immediately raise some red flags regarding this study. This type of epidemiological study doesn't allow for anything more than an association to be drawn.
Statistically speaking, you can find an association between almost any factor and any disease, especially if you throw statistics at it until you find such an association. The prohormone androstenedione is not a dietary supplement?it's essentially an anabolic drug. I consume very little soy as I find it very hard to cook and the whole phytosterol controversy makes it suspect for the moment.
Just got a few cups of grapes for a 70% discount and a few cups of berries for a 50% discount. The hilarious thing is that these items are cheaper and better for your health than getting produce from an American supermarket.
I also have annoying red zits on certain areas of my face (forehead and cheeks) that won't go away. The inclusion of androstenedione—an illegal anabolic prohormone, or precursor to testosterone—should immediately raise some red flags regarding this study. The prohormone androstenedione is not a dietary supplement—it's essentially an anabolic drug.
I do not consume oils per se but I will always include fat containing foods like tahini, olives, avocado, nuts etc. I had a girl with a muffin top ask me how I could eat so much French bread while lathering on the butter like I did, and still look great.
Vegetables are a must and always in quantity but I don't really look for the much more expensive organic kind. Muscle-building supplement use and increased risk of testicular germ cell cancer in men from Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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