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When the body is in a starved (calorie deficit) state, muscle loss can occur although a calorie deficit is required to lose fat.
Endomorphs – 23%-28% of total calories (fat intake is increased in order to reduce carbohydrate intake, as endomorphs may have a difficult time losing fat with higher carbohydrate intakes).
Whatever calories that have not been allotted to protein and fat intake will make up total daily carbohydrate intake. I recommend a higher protein intake for endomorph’s while dieting because of the thermogenic effect of a higher protein intake and increased protein turnover, not because they need more protein to maintain muscle mass. For those people who are in the 10-15% range, re-feeding every 6-12 days will probably be adequate, for those who are above 15%, re-feeding will probably not need to be done more than once every week to two weeks.
Re-feed on the day you work your worst body part(s) as re-feeding will not only raise leptin, but be quite anabolic.
Keep fat as low as possible during re-feed days as high insulin levels will increase dietary fat transport into adipose tissue.
Consume as little fructose as possible as fructose does not have an impact on leptin levels.
Increase calories to maintenance level (or above if you are an ectomorph) and increase carbs by at least 50-100% (endo’s stay on the low end, while ecto’s should stay on the high end) over normal diet levels.
As previously discussed before, carbohydrates cause insulin release, which is very muscle sparing, but also very anti-lipolytic. When one is in a calorie deficit, the catabolic effect of working out is enhanced, as the body will attempt to raise low glucose levels by de-aminating amino acids and converting them to glucose. I suggest one consume 35% of their total daily carbohydrates in a meal 1.5 to 2 hours before their workout as this will allow the carbohydrates adequate time to be digested and enter the bloodstream.
The carbohydrates in the shake should account for about 20% of one’s total daily carbohydrate intake. From previous cutting experience, I began to lose a lot of muscle mass because my meal timing was not right.
Each day I will eat three meals from Subway and the other two or three meals or snacks can be from normal healthy foods like almonds or cottage cheese or protein shakes. I will also keep track of what supplements I use here and how I think they are helping me during my challenge.
Note: I work for a supplement company called Force Factor and will be using a lot of Force Factor supplements during this transformation. The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle SlimZest’s Advanced Garcinia Cambogia Pure & Detox Cleanse Max Combo makes weight management easier, safer and cheaper than ever before. A Powerful Combination of the 2 Most Potent and Effective Natural Weight Loss Supplements Currently Available Providing A Complete Weight Loss Kick Start Course at an Unbeatably Low Price! Colon Detox & Cleanse + Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract-Now sold together as a SUPER WEIGHT LOSS BUNDLE.
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Exercise program.The ab exercises make your abs skin creams, serums, lotions, soaps, and foods that happen to contain some resistant starch.
Bodybuilding workouts & routines suck for building muscle!, The a€?typicala€? bodybuilding routine isa€¦ a workout program that uses a low training frequency.

Hopefully, by now, most of you know that this is a big load of BS and that low intensity cardio does in fact burn a greater percentage of overall fat WHILE doing the exercise but does NOTHING for your BMR aka calorie burning for the rest of the day. 13) I must touch the floor on stiff leg deadlift for a full range and maximum stretch in my hammies. Actually, saturated fat has never been shown to have any correlation with all the negative things the media might have you believe. In fact they can help with increased protein synthesis when combined.In fact glutamine improves immune function and immune function is an indicator of strength.
Ok, maybe not said by a lot of bodybuilders, but I still here this idiocy all the time.  Listen people, Weight training is THE best way to lose body fat and change composition.  Vinny and I can take ANY physique to 10% body fat with weights and diet alone! Nothing even close to that has ever been shown, but the media loves to tell stories that sensationalize everything that they put out.
Get out your pen and paper and know exactly how much of what you need to eat to reach your goal physique in the shortest time possible.
Let’s go ‘middle of the road’ and set the subjects protein intake at 250 g protein per day. For our subject in question, this leaves 2400 (1000 + 495) = 905 kcals per day for carbohydrate intake.
Re-feeds help boost a hormone called leptin, which is the mother of all fat burning hormones. It is therefore important that we construct a diet so that we intersperse long periods of low insulin levels in order to maximize lipolysis, coupled with short periods of high insulin levels to protect muscle when it is at the greatest risk of catabolism.
I also suggest consuming a shake composed of 30-40g of whey protein along with dextrose or maltodextrin during their workout. I have been following Layne Norton’s guidelines religiously and have already seen good results in such a short period of time. Make sure most of your carbohydrates are consumed around your training (pre,intra and post). The whole goal of this challenge will be to get as ripped as possible eating at least half of my foods from Subway to prove that you can indeed lose weight and be healthy eating out but making responsible choices. FIRST: Detox your body the natural way with Colon Cleanse Detox, THEN supercharge weight loss with all natural Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1000mg at 60% HCA.
Bodybuilding workouts, exercises and bodybuilding supplements, A resource for bodybuilders of all levels from beginner to advanced who want to learn about bodybuilding research, training strategies, diet, nutrition, bodybuilding.
Your body needs micro nutrients and vitamins.  I know of so many aspiring bodybuilders and people that just want to better their physique that hire people who tell them to follow this diet. Even when trying to get as big as possible, the WORST thing you can do is eat indiscriminately. To get around the negatives, there are small adjustments and little tricks to aid in the accomplishment of the positives.
Protein is a thermogenic macronutrient key in sparing muscle tissue when in a caloric deficit (see aforementioned section on protein). This means 1000 kcals have been devoted to protein intake, leaving us with 1400 kcals for fat and carbohydrate intake.
There are essentially two crucial times during the day when muscle tissue is at the greatest risk of catabolism.

This will ensure that you build and hold onto your hard earned muscle and burn fat throughout the day.
Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website.
It may expand, much like muscle does when it gets warm, and become more pliable, but as soon as it cools its right back to where it started. To improve development of your inner chest it is simply necessary to fully shorten your pec muscles. It often means that youre achieving a greater range via putting your spine in a compromised position. They might never be the best in the world, but you can bring up any lagging bodypart to match the rest of your body with knowledge of proper execution. Periodic, proper re-feeding can raise leptin levels and help one continue to burn fat an optimum rate. Remember don’t try burn fat during weight training, if your diet and cardio is in place then you will burn fat throughout the rest of the day! Removing Toxins Helps Aid The Effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia and also Speeds Up Your Bodies Metabolism Creating A Double Acting Weight Loss Effect. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. In fact, it has been showen that cardio(or any exercise for that matter) done after consuming calories has a greater thermogenic effect.
A person who is lean will need to re-feed more frequently than someone who has a higher body fat percentage. You may break fascial adhesions which gives the illusion of expansion or greater range (this is a great thing!) but unfortunately its not stretching to allow for muscle growth peeps.
As much as it would nice to work my lower bicep or lengthen my bicep, preacher curls do not do this, and either do any exercises. For those who are below 10%, it is probably a wise idea to incorporate re-feeds two times per week.
Products are Scientifically Developed following Extensive Research in A State of the Art GMP and FDA Approved Facility.
They may overload the lower portion of the strength curve, thereby making you stronger in that part of the range giving you the misconception that youre lengthening your bicep.
Although it might be cool, I don’t see it being likely anytime soon unless you can track down Doc Brown and his flying Delorean. We are so confident you will love SlimZest products and the amazing results you achieve we offer every customer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! And Don’t Forget to Check Out Our FREE Ebooks & Meal Planners plus FREE Access to Our Very Own Fitness App with over 700+ Workouts To Follow!

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