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Welcome to The Spartan Warrior, a blog dedicated to bringing the truth regarding nutrition and fitness to the public.My name is Daniel Brown and I am the owner and writer of this blog. Reply to this post with your questions and I will do my best to answer them when I am able to throughout the day.
It doesn’t really matter how accurate the tracker itself is - what matters is what you do and that the tracker gives you something to monitor and change if needed.
When you track your intake look at the total calories (weight change is determined by calories in versus calories out) and then the grams for fat, carbohydrate and protein. Sulforaphane was identified years ago as one of the most critical compounds that provide much of the health benefits in cruciferous vegetables, and scientists also knew that a mechanism involved was histone deacetylases, or HDACs.
HDAC inhibitors, such as sulforaphane, can help restore proper balance and prevent the development of cancer.
This one-two punch, Ho said, is important to cell function and the control of cell division – which, when disrupted, is a hallmark of cancer.
DNA methylation, Ho said, is a normal process of turning off genes, and it helps control what DNA material gets read as part of genetic communication within cells. The influence of sulforaphane on DNA methylation was explored by examining methylation of the gene cyclinD2. This research, which was published in the journal Clinical Epigenetics, primarily studied the effect on prostate cancer cells. Sulforaphane is particularly abundant in broccoli, but also found in other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and kale. The research was supported by the National Institutes of Health and the OSU Environmental Health Sciences Center. The bottom line is there is no set number to how much protein one should consume at each meal. If you’re 200 pounds, then have 200 grams of protein a day and divide that number by however many meals you eat a day. In the end, studies have shown there are really no differences in fat loss, whether it be fasted or after a meal.
Your body makes these adjustments and this is something people don’t really understand. Myth #3 - I’m a woman and if I lift weights, I’ll become buff like a guy right?
They could also reap the benefits of increasing their metabolic rate, strengthen bone and joints, improve confidence and self esteem, and increase libido. This myth has been around a long time in the fitness industry and yet we are still confused about meal frequency. What was interesting about this study is once protein synthesis levels went back to baseline after 3 hours; there were still plasma amino acids and plasma leucine levels still elevated. This data was also supported by another study and finding showing that the duration of protein synthesis in response to a mixture of amino acids was only 2 hours long even though the essential amino acids were saturated for six hours!
Therefore, you might be better off consuming larger does of protein at each meal and wait longer between protein doses, rather than the typical 2-3 hours.
Why must we live in a world of ‘hear say’ and then completely negate everything else, without even doing some research or experimentation ourselves? This range creates more contractile muscle tissue, trains the muscle to store more glycogen, allows the muscle to handle the biggest load which activates all fibers, and helps develop overall strength to handle more weight and thus overloading the muscle even more and creating more hypertrophy (muscle building). This rep range is the king of all rep schemes because it has many of the benefits from higher reps and many of the benefits of lower reps. This is a good thing because when muscle cells are volatized, there is greater potential for nutrient assimilation and promotion of growth factors, thus leading to greater anabolic effects (6). Now that I have told you the truth about these fitness and nutrition myths, you should be able to have a sigh of relief or possibly be pissed off at the person that has been telling you these myths all along.
This will be your first time doing heavy squats? Welcome to the wonderful world of DOMS. Always warm-up properly with a weight lower than your first working set and some mobility movements and exercises.
Grip the barbell tight and pull your elbows back to create a shelf with your traps where the barbell should rest.
It goes like this, a client looking to lead a healthier life hires me, a nutritionist, to help him improve his diet. Nearly 2 decades ago, Dutch researchers found that while a protein-rich meal did boost GFR, it didn’t have an adverse effect on overall kidney function. No study has ever found a direct cause-and-effect relationship between red-meat consumption and cancer.

In a 1968 study, rats that were fed large amounts of fructose developed high levels of fat in their bloodstreams.
HFCS and regular sugar are empty-calorie carbohydrates that should be consumed in limited amounts.
Large-scale scientific reviews have determined there’s no reason for people with normal blood pressure to restrict their sodium intake. Mainstream Bodybuilding Media: Informational Or Panties & Thongs Catalogs In Disguise?
It was only 2 o’clock in the afternoon but I was already exhausted from hours of hard clicking on my dusty keyboard, which had a few missing keys and a left CTRL button working past retirement age.
A few years ago I worked desk-to-desk with a permabulker who was using oral steroids to get his muscle mass up. One thing you should know right off hand is that I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.This website provides it's visitors with an ample amount of information backed by up to date science and research to arm them in the fight against "broscience" and misinformation. It is healthy eating that lets you indulge in the foods you enjoy on occasion without the guilt.
So, if you neglect to track the foods, or leave out snacks, or only half fill in the days then it isn’t going to work or be accurate in any way. If you decide to make a change to your caloric intake you might want to give yourself 3-4 weeks before you expect to see significant change. This family of enzymes can interfere with the normal function of genes that suppress tumors. But the same processes are probably relevant to many other cancers as well, researchers said, including colon and breast cancer. Both laboratory and clinical studies have shown that higher intake of cruciferous vegetables can aid in cancer prevention. That’s because fitness and nutrition misinformation fool men and women into being confused and frustrated in their journey to creating a healthier lifestyle. Everyone’s body is different and if you have specific goals, your protein intake could vary.
This is a good starting point and if you’re eating animal proteins this should get you over the leucine threshold. Fasted cardio has been around for decades and the theory behind it is by being on an empty stomach, more fatty acids will be dumped into the blood stream and be burned as fat.
They think we have to be glycogen depleted because we don’t want to burn carbs, just fat. Also, you preserve more muscle mass with a meal in you beforehand and have more energy during cardio to burn more overall calories. We always hear that it takes 7-8 meals to get big or shredded, sometimes even 10, which is absolutely ridiculous! I recommend having 4-6 meals every 4-6 hours instead of 7-10 meals and eating every 2-3 hours (5). If someone ever tells you that it’s better to do high reps, rather than low reps and vice versa. The reason being the rep range is low enough to have our muscles under heavy loads and enough reps are performed to have them under tension with those heavy loads.
The body will compensate for this in the post workout period by increasing the amount of glycogen (stored carbs in muscle and liver) the muscle stores. If you haven’t done them yet this week then today is as good a day as any other to get them done. Not only will you be targeting the major muscles of your legs like quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, but performing heavy squats are also a core stabilization movement so you will be hitting those abs in a major way.
I analyze what he’s been eating, factor in his food preferences, and together we create an eating plan that fits his lifestyle and goals. For example, if you’re a chubby 200 pounds and want to be a lean 180, then have 180 grams of protein a day.
Meanwhile, sweet potatoes, which are typically eaten whole, have been celebrated for being rich in nutrients and also having a lower glycemic index than their white brethren. For instance, sweet potatoes have more fiber and vitamin A, but white potatoes are higher in essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and potassium. And since then, some studies of large populations have suggested a potential link between meat and cancer. Then, in 2002, University of California at Davis researchers published a well-publicized paper noting that Americans’ increasing consumption of fructose, including that in HFCS, paralleled our skyrocketing rates of obesity. For instance, the two most commonly used types of HFCS are HFCS-42 and HFCS-55, which are 42 and 55 percent fructose, respectively.

In fact, Dutch researchers determined that a low potassium intake has the same impact on your blood pressure as high salt consumption does. The pain and misery from last week forced me to make the day light – no heavy lifting, just a few sets of barbell overhead presses.
The guy was essentially the main slave of our boss and was used to fix all kinds of problems. Not only will you be provided with invaluable research, but hopefully some sort of entertainment and a place where you don't have to leave feeling confused about your health. However, some people vary their diet day to day and this is where being more consistent with tracking your intake will be beneficial.
But the new OSU studies have found a second epigenetic mechanism, DNA methylation, which plays a similar role. And of considerable interest to researchers is that these same disrupted processes appear to play a role in other neurodegenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease, immune function, neurodegenerative disease and even aging. Even when you’re already achieving results, a small myth or hear say conversation can throw you off. Also, the notion of being glycogen depleted (no carbs stored in muscle and liver) will maximize pure fat oxidation. Since glycogen has a strong affinity for water, this means more water from carbs will be stored into your muscle cells and thus induce more protein synthesis and causing the muscle cells to stretch. Please don’t neglect this highly important exercise regardless of the type of training you are currently involved in.
After a coworker asks him for the details of his diet, my client suddenly finds himself in a heated interrogation. From this finding, many scientists made the leap that a higher GFR places your kidneys under greater stress. As for the glycemic index, sweet potatoes are lower on the scale, but baked white potatoes typically aren’t eaten without cheese, sour cream, or butter. And it turns out, the average guy consumes 3,100 milligrams (mg) of potassium a day—1,600 mg less than recommended. It had air conditioning, and the tropical weather out side, trying to set my hair on fire, kinda pushed me in.
There are several ways you can do this (eg: via portion control, via spreadsheet, via diabetic exchange lists). I believe that every rep range from 2-20 (and even higher in some cases) has value and there are benefits to every range. This is why the University of California at Davis scientists determined fructose intakes from both HFCS and sucrose. In fact, a very small percentage is used for that role because other organs and tissues extract them and utilize them. Women who have higher testosterone levels may have a greater potential for strength and power development than other women. A study found that after consuming a balanced meal rich in protein, carbs, and fats showed that the duration of protein synthesis (the way you synthesize new muscle) lasted approximately 3 hours long. The truth is, there’s no evidence to show any differences in these two types of sugar.
An individual woman’s testosterone level fluctuates, so a woman who is near the upper limit of her testosterone threshold may have an advantage in developing strength compared with other women. This shows that the duration of a complete and balanced meal prolongs the duration of protein synthesis. This study found that the actual rate limiting step of fat loss isn’t any different or could be better. Also, Men average about 39 to 48 lbs more lean body mass and 6 to 13 lbs less fat than women.
For example, whey protein is 12% leucine; therefore, about 27g of whey protein would need to be consumed to reach that threshold for maximal anabolism. The reason why it could be better is because studies have shown greater thermogenic (body causing heat) response to exercise when you eat before-hand (4).
So really what it comes down to is the maximum benefit level for protein at a meal varies depending upon the source of protein and the leucine content at each meal.

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