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The biceps lies on upper arm between elbow and the shoulder  Both arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle , attached to the upper forearm. biceps muscles are composed of both fast-twitch and slowtwitch muscle fibers. The pump exercise workout is divided into 2 weeks workout schedule ,The blast and pump arm building approach cycles between two different workout . During the first week  one needs to focus on volume training and the second week the  main objective should be  on training intensity as long as one will continue to see good results out of it .
Perform 2 sets per exercise in this schedule , but they are gonna be tough ,  first set for each exercise will involve slow negatives. Weeks 1-2 - Lower volume, low to moderate weight and ease into training  arms twice a week. Weeks 2-4 - Moderate volume and moderate weight as the power and number of sets are high during this middle segment. Weeks 5-6 - Train with higher volume and moderate weight and this is gonna be very challenging. She precisely shared the moment when she realized the need to get her body weight in check, “I was in the bathroom, [my husband] was in the shower, and I was in the mirror, and I was being the sex kitten that I believe myself to be. In an appearance on The Oprah Show Mo’Nique shared that trimming down those extra pounds was a matter of life and death. When she touched the scale close to 300 pounds, she remembers pushing herself, “OK sis, you got these babies. Breakfast: Mo’Nique relishes almonds, walnuts, fruits and spirulina as her first meal of the day. Lunch: Her lunch includes salad with homemade dressing and pie with additional fruits and nuts.
Dinner: Her dinner includes salad with many vegetables and mushrooms, onions, spring rolls.

Snacks or Mini Meals: She likes to have fruits, smoothies and healthy desserts as her snack or mini meal. She prefers to eat whole foods while processed foods and heavy starches are a big “NO.” Her diet is majorly dominated by crunchy nuts, pulpy fruits and vegetables.
Cardiovascular: While her kids enjoy riding their bicycles, she burns those calories with jogging four days a week (30-60 minutes). She replaced fried foods with steamed vegetables yet allowed herself a ‘cheat meal’ per week. She included her favourite workouts like climbing steps, mountain climbing, and Stairmaster in her daily fitness regimen. In reply, Mo’Nique said, “Star is jealous because she took the easy way out to lose weight,” revealed a pal. Mo’Nique in order to lose weight firstly hired Erica Sammy, who was her husbands’ personal trainer as well. Talking to yourself is not the problem, however, what you’re saying to yourself can be. As I’m standing in the mirror, he said to me ‘Mama, how much do you weight?’ And I said, ‘Two hundred and sixty-two pounds.’ And I said it so quick, but I knew it was lie. In 2006, she was diagnosed with high BP (blood pressure) and doctors warned that she was on a heavy frame to a short life. To get that curvy waistline, she had to dump junk food like cake, cookies, and chips from her diet. She starts her day with every step directed towards her health.  If there could be any better way to kiss the dawn? I can choose what I want to eat any where I go and not care about anyone’s opinions or comments.

At 45 yrs old I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life even inside my mother’s womb.
Her husband, Sidney Hicks’ encouragement gave her extra push for reducing this much weight. They say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. She let her followers know about how many steps she takes or how many sit-ups she has done.  It gives a message to adopt and adapt a healthy life style. Being big is still beautiful to her, but she says that being healthy and alive is even better. Academy Award winner performs a variety of exercises such as boxing, hiking, swimming, jumping rope, cardio, sit-ups, yoga, lifting weights, and hula-hooping. With this thought in her mind and trainer Erica Sammy by her side, she made a few effective changes in her life style, which resulted in her dramatic weight loss. If you just put the work in, baby, I promise you, it comes off,” as explained to Eonline. She is keen on losing more weight, and her goal is to attain somewhere between 190 and 200.
As time went on my challenges were plateaus and boredom with food choices and also exercise,” she told Shapefit. The work out sessions had multiple variants such as spinning, dance classes, weight training and step climbing to spice up the workout.

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