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I know you don’t know me from the next person, but I completely understand your dilemma. I am having a lot of pain in my lt hip flexor any recommendations on how to heal without losing momentum.
For my day 15 progress from day 1 my weight has stayed the exact same alil bummer there but at least it didn’t go up. I am almost 6′ tall and have an athletic build and have NEVER been below 160 since being an adult. You’ve come a long way and I hope that you are feeling STRONGER and MORE DETERMINED than ever!
I have lost a combined total of 13 inches and can totally tell the difference in my side picture comparing it to day 1!

I am 33 and have 3 young children and I currently weigh 175 and have been working out for the past 15 weeks (doing T25, but I’m about to take some training from this website). In all of your excitement, you may even start to reach out to friends and family members to preach to BIKINI BODY MOMMY GOSPEL and share your excitement over all of the positive and motivating changes you are making in your life. Today’s workout was a tough one but I worked my way all the way threw it and look forward to day 17 to beat my scores from today!! After you complete the given exercise, REST for 1 MINUTE — then move on to the next exercise, and REPEAT.
Well unfortunately, ┬ásometimes the reactions can be less than supportive … if not downright negative. Make sure you aren’t eating too few calories (you will be surprised how much you need to eat if you are vigorously working out) and that you are snacking often (think boiled egg or protein shake or veggies and hummus).

I am not drinking half my weight in water every day, but I am most days of the week drinking water.
In order to satisfy that I have Jell-O chocolate pudding for afternoon snack or an occasional candy bar.

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