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Identifying which foods contain these things can be confusing, however in this article, there are several charts which list the best weight gaining foods to eat on top (superior), followed by good, inferior and no-no.
Include in your diet high protein foods such as fish (tuna and salmon), whey protein powder (for post workout shakes and inbetween meals), chicken and turkey breasts, low fat milk, high carbohydrate foods such as pasta, lots of fruit and veg such as avocado and banana, as well as good fats such as olive oil and flaxseed oil. This is Muhammad Rahim from Afghanistan, I want to be like the WWE superstar Dave Bautista, as Bautista has height, weight, muscle, and power. Hi i used to weigh 12 stone but then started to eat regular as suggested along with the aid of protein shakes (promass) and i have managed to get to nearly 14 stone at the moment. Peanut butter is listed as a no-no in the chart because most of the calories come from fat, and the same is true for all nuts. I also want to add that along with GOMAD I read that peanut butter (nuts in general) pasta, eggs, fish, whey and bananas are good foods to gain weight. As to the suggestions given in the article, I have increased my food consumption by eating lots of fruit and nuts between meals, but to my astonishment I have actually lost weight. Increase your calore intake by eating high energy foods like nuts , cheese, butter, bananas, dates, shakes , potatos, etc. This kinda sucks cause I’ve always been athletic and exercising (especially cardio) is something I absolutely cannot take out of my life. I’m 62, have always weighed the same 115 then all hell broke loose the end of 2009, my husband got cancer. If you are new here, you need to watch this video to better understand the basic principles of gaining weight.
You can do all the weight training you want, but if your are not feeding your body the necessary food and nutrients it requires for maintenance and growth, then it will all be a waste of time, not to mention unhealthy.

I like how simplified these charts are because you can immediately identify what NOT to eat.
What I found to be effective is increasing your meal frequency, trying to have 6 meals each day, but not eating as much per meal, making you feel hungrier throughout the day. When snacking it’s a great time to eat high calorie snacks such as dried fruits, seeds, nuts, low fat yogurt and cheese. I weigh only 145 lbs what weight gaining foods can I eat and what kind of vitamins should I take?
I always do bodybuilding and i eat baked potatoes with yogurt but i sometimes eat boiled eggs with dates and honey, my weight was 55 KGS but now i am 65 KGS. As a plus it’s an economical way of eating protein, it tastes good, and can be easily added to your shakes. I am concerned that I may be eating the wrong foods–I know fruit is good for you and provides carbohydrates and sugars the body needs for energy, but I think my body is using these so quickly that theey are not contributing to my weight gain. I have one daughter that lives 300 miles away and then her dad got cancer at the same time. If you’re naturally thin, then a proper weight gain diet becomes absolutely crucial in your endeavor to gain healthy lean muscle mass, probably far more so than your weight training program. You just need to worry about knowing which proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to eat, otherwise known as good proteins, good carbs, and good fats. Having less fatty foods will also be of great benefit as fats tend to make you feel fuller more quickly, so you eat less.
You should be looking to incorporate all of these weight gain foods in your diet if you want to gain weight.

Then I stopped the very active and crazy busy exercise schedule and slowly started dropping weight.
Some brands are high in sugars, so it would be best to avoid those and go with one of the natural brands. I have such a high metabolism and live a highly active lifestyle that I am burning off the calories faster than I can consume them.
I got loads of crap from doctors, weight gain supplements, shakes all that and still no change. In a nutshell, your weight gaining diet should include high protein foods, high carbohydrate foods and healthy fats. I have always loaded peanut butter on my PB&J sandwiches, because I have always thought it was beneficial for muscle and weight gain. So, other than that I guess I am just going to have to keep eating my fruit, but also increase my milk consumption and add more high caloric foods and amount of them at each individual sitting. And ya just keeping this thing in your consideration that, i can not spend time for any type of exercise and i am vegetarian only. I think by that point I was eating a sandwich a day and did not look at myself,taking care of husband and the surgery which takes months to get in.Now I weigh 95 and no appetite and trying ti gain weight, can anybody help me, thank Ann.

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