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Our mission is to be the ultimate one stop library of information for anyone that has an interest in building muscle.
Our backs are extremely complex and are composed of many different muscles, so many in fact that they are separated into three different groups. Even though we have all these muscles in our backs, often times, especially for women, we tend to forget to include them in our workouts.
The spotlight is often on having tight abs, a lifted butt, or toned arms… however having a strong, defined back is sexy too! One of the many reasons building that back is important is that having wider lats (latissimi dorsi), mid area of back located directly under your shoulder blades, can make your waist appear smaller and give off a curvier look.
Pull-ups are an overall great body weight exercise, but using a wider grip will help to engage your lats!
These are very difficult, especially for beginners, so using an assisted pull up machine can be helpful in learning the motion and gaining the necessary strength.
Deadlifts are a very versatile exercise and can be used to work numerous different muscles, across multiple parts of the body. Deadlifts are often associated with legs, but are awesome for strengthening your whole back as well.
When using deadlifts to work your back, you want to position yourself bending at your hips over the bar.
You want to make sure your core is tight and back straight, because if you arch your back and attempt to muscle up too much weight, you can severely injure yourself.
Then, keeping the bar close to your body all the way up, you pull up from your hips until you are standing straight with your shoulders back. Lat pulldowns work not only our lats, but also the middle and lower trapezius (which forms a V, triangle shape from our neck down to our middle back).
To do a lat pulldown you grip the bar and slowly pull it down to your chest, while leaning back slightly.
Also, you want to imagine that you are pinching your shoulder blades together and pulling up from your back, rather than utilizing your biceps. Next, you need to pull back, once again pinching your shoulder blades to engage your back, until the bar reaches your chest.
Straight arm pulldowns are great for working your lats, rhomboids, and teres major muscles(located between your shoulder and elbow on your back). To perform these you need to start by gripping a straight bar, standing with your feet shoulder width apart. With these, like many other exercises we discussed, you want to pinch your shoulder blades together as if you were trying to hold a pencil in between them to really hit that middle back.

Hopefully you now have some awesome, new exercises to try out the next time you go to the gym!
Having a strong back is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons, but is also vital to help correct your posture and can make everyday tasks easier. That’s why – despite the higher metabolic, and therefore, calorie-burning potential of muscle – the way adiposity determines caloric partitioning means that consuming a surplus of calories to bulk up when already overweight is to walk an almost certain path to failure. Ideally, you’ll want to start bulking when you are lean, or at least, leaner than not. Men, before embarking on a bulking phase should generally have 10 to 13 percent body fat, or a bit less; women should generally have between 19 and 23 percent body fat, or a bit less.
Unless your current goal is to become even leaner, it’s the right time to begin bulking, with the goal of putting on muscle mass. As you’ve now learned, frustration can be avoided by simply understanding which actions should first be undertaken.
Barry is a former skinny-guy who has dedicated years of his life to the study of muscle growth. We always strive to publish the very best information, in both unique content, product reviews, weight loss advice, supplement information and bodybuilding tips, as well as curated content from other top bodybuilding websites. Then, without kicking your legs or moving the rest of your lower body, you pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Your knees will be slightly bent and your hands will grip the bar about shoulder width apart.(your grip may differ). There are many different grips you can use for this exercise, but the wide grip pulldown (pictured) is the most basic.
Rows mainly work your middle back (middle and lower trapezius) but also engage your rhomboids and lats as well. For this you can either use the T-bar or landmine unit, or if your gym doesn’t have one, like mine, you can set up your own.
A few other types of rows are bent over barbell rows, seated one arm rows, or bent over one armed dumbbell rows. Then you pull straight down towards your pelvis, bringing your shoulders back to pinch the blades together. These work your rhomboids and posterior deltoids(rear shoulder), so they can also be used on days you work on shoulders!
She is currently in the process of obtaining her certifications in personal training and nutrition. Conversely, the best result when cutting means losing body fat and retaining as much hard-earned muscle as possible.

There are a number of obvious factors – what you eat and how you train – that will help determine your outcome, but here is the one of foremost importance: What’s your current body fat percentage? If levels of body fat are somewhat higher, decent results can still be obtained, but likely not of the same caliber as would be the case for a leaner person. If you foresee the need or desire to become extra-shredded in the future, it’s not a bad idea bulk up first, and follow up with a careful cutting phase, to define your increased muscularity. The best thing to do is start cutting until your adiposity decreases sufficiently and you can objectively state that you are at least reasonably lean. You don’t want to confuse these with tricep extensions because your elbows should not bend in this exercise. Having a flat tummy and perky butt is nice, but they aren’t the only parts you need to focus on. She is finishing her degree in creative writing and is incredibly passionate about health and fitness. Increased lean muscle mass provides a host of benefits, including a healthy metabolism, greater strength and the confidence instilled by looking and feeling strong.
To gain muscle requires increasing caloric intake, and if those calories end up being converted to fat – well, a frustrating setback may ensue. Cutting refers to eating and training with the goal of losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.
Unfortunately, many fall into the repetitive cycle of getting nowhere fast, achieving exactly the opposite of what they desire. She hopes to inspire and help others through fitness and push people to be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves!
Continuing to lift will assist the process of fat-burning and help retain the muscle and strength you already possess.
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