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Available from 1st June 2014, Muscle Bomb® sets a very high benchmark in the sports nutrition industry for the pre workout supplement category. Muscle Bomb® pre workout contains a potent complex of ingredients each of which have been extensively studied with regard to workout performance.
James Phillips, Managing Director, explains, “We’ve seen numerous pre workout supplements come out over the last year or so. Muscle Bomb® contains 15 ingredients, of which 7 are absolutely key, which are specifically chosen for their role in the best pre workout performance, available with and without Caffeine. Muscle Bomb® is available now in a variety of different flavours with the addition of non-caffeinated varieties.
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The 3 Best Intra-Workout Supplements for BulkingBulking, or better known as putting on weight purposely and gaining muscle mass, requires precise macro nutrient tracking and supplementation for best results. Core Nutritionals Core ABC is one of the most rounded intra-workout supplement for bulking on the current market. Although you won’t find much of a difference between first and second on this list, MuscleTech AMINO Build has a few unique elements to it that make it a great bulking intra-workout supplement. SciVation Xtend combines effective ingredients and quality taste and mixability making an excellent intra-workout suited to entry-level athletes and seasoned more experienced athletes alike.
The supplement industry has spawned many types of workout supplements. Many of them are effective and beneficial to building muscle and achieving lean muscle mass. Essentially, there are two types of pre workout supplements that are on the market, namely stimulant and non-stimulant pre-workout supplements.
It is considered practical to use non-stimulant supplements as these do not contain taurine, inositol or any ingredient that keeps the body awake. Remember that optimized muscle growth can only happen if the body is getting proper rest. A quality pre-workout will give you that extra push to get in the gym and give it your all. Aside from supplements that contain stimulants, we also have non stimulant pre workout products. Choose your pre-workout carefully, and don’t try to be a superhero on your first dose.
You will also need to remain focused on the quality of exercise and the diet that you have placed on yourself. An hour might feel like a matter of minutes when you’re rushing from set to set like a crazed madman, but the quality of your workout remains the most important aspect. Unlike other brands in the pre-workout category SUPERSET® was created to do more than just give you a pump (although it does a really good job at that too). It will energize your brain and shock your muscles into anabolic overdrive to help you KRUSH personal records and workout plateaus. KILL IT All-In-One Pre-Training Drink was designed to elevate your ability to train harder, stay strong for longer, and produce an overflowing pipeline of muscle healing blood to your working muscles. KILL IT is hardcore enough to give you the results you want; you’re going to train with animal intensity, you’re going to finally hit those extra growth-producing reps you’ve been struggling to get, and you’re going to experience a pump like no other you have before. Brought to you by Jim Stoppani, JYM combines real science with real ingredients to deliver unreal results. Supplement companies love to claim they’ve created a real “game-changer.” Pre JYM doesn’t play that game.
EVLution ENGN’s revolutionary formula is all about game changing progress every time you hit the gym, field, octagon, stage or court!
Pikatropin – Supports cognitive function, mood, blood flow to the brain as well as mental alertness.
Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine – Supports mental activity and focus during training as well as provides a choline source to the brain for acetylcholine production. Caffeine – The key energizer that enables increased workout intensity by delaying fatigue and expanding muscle endurance. Infinergy – Ionically bonded molecules of caffeine and malic acid support maximum energy and focus levels and enhanced exercise performance and thermogenesis. L-Tyrosine – Essential Amino Acid which supports focus and enhances mood during training.

While some products claim to give you incredible pumps, you’ll never feel a pump like the muscle-swelling super-pump delivered by MuscleTech Anarchy. The greatest competitors in the world all have one thing in common—they’re driven by the ability to push limits. For those of you who continue to set goals and crush them, we’ve created the next level of Cellucor C4.
Labrada PE1 works because it harnesses the power of cutting-edge, legal performance-enhancing ingredients, and combines them into an easy-to-use powder concentrate. PE1 is Labrada Nutrition’s next-generation performance enhancer pre-workout concentrate. This formula also contains the most advanced creatine monohydrate powerhouse ingredient Kre-Alkalyn and Nitric Oxide precursor (GlycoCarn®).
Unlike “stimulant-concentrated” formulas that hit hard and then leave you hanging like you just got mugged in a dark alley… MusclePharm Assault is there from start to finish. Developed at the state of the art MusclePharm Sports Science Center, MusclePharm Assault is the most researched pre-workout product on the market today. Made in the U.K in accordance with ISO9001 procedures at the Reflex Science Park the new product is also one of the first pre workout supplements to be free from artificial sweeteners, it’s refreshing flavour is sweetened naturally with Stevia. Using an intra-workout supplement for bulking can drastically increase the amount of muscle mass you put on and decrease the amount of fat you put on during a bulk. Your typical intra-workout supplement will usually not be dosed high enough for effective results, this is crucial when you are bulking. Take a more simplistic approach than Muscletech amino blend, their formula is made around muscle recovery and lean mass gains. Pre-workout supplements that feature stimulating properties should only be taken during daytime so as not to affect your normal sleeping pattern. Obviously, these bodybuilding supplements do not contain stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, and inositol (among others, wink wink.). SUPERSET® by APT SPORTS® takes it seat at the table and confirms the revolutionary trend in Pre-Workouts, delivering maximum-dosed ingredients across the board, and 100% formula disclosure. The team at APT Sports have been constantly reiterating their formula to craft a product that really stands out from the plethora of pre workouts on the market.
This cutting-edge pre-workout product, is poised to revolutionize the pre-workout category. Simply put, we never settle and we formulated ENGN to give you the tunnel vision focus, positive mental state, drive, strength, pumps and unmatched energy without the crash, for the best workouts you have ever had! Plus, it’s the first preworkout to combine such a potent dose of caffeine with a precise dose of choline bitartrate for an unparalleled sensory experience! They don’t back down from a challenge, and they know that the only way to reach higher is to keep moving forward. It’s helped gym junkies, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes everywhere rise to become their own versions of legendary. Its formula is now more dialed in, more potent, and includes the breakthrough ingredient, TeaCor™ for improved energy that comes on quickly and lasts longer.
Labrada PE1 combines patented NO3-T™ Nitrate Technology with performance-enhancing ingredients to create dramatic muscle pumps, massive energy, and increased focus that will take your workout experience to a new level. Now you are able to reap the benefits of your favorite Beta-Alanine drink whenever you want… just add water! As an athletes company, MusclePharm wanted it to do more than just pack serious muscle-building power. If you’re looking to bulk up the best way possible its crucial for you to have the right tools at your finger tips. Core Nutritionals Core ABC is formulated with good doses of BCAAs, beta-alanine and citrulline.
With a minimalist approach towards their formula, they only use the most effective ingredients.
SciVation Xtend has been a fan favorite for nearly 10 years, they provide great customer support and informative FAQs. For the most current and complete information, please verify with the merchant, brand, or product directly on their website or during the buying process.

The benefit from taking non-stimulant supplements is that bodybuilders are guaranteed to enjoy restful sleeps in the evenings which in turn prepares the body for yet another workout the next day. When you can tap into adrenaline, focus, energy, and positive aggression, you’re on the path to success. Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition knows that and developed KILL IT to give you the most intense workouts.
From the first time that you consume it, Xtreme Shock®’s muscle pump formula will promote an instant muscle energy surge and strength gains, plus it will buffer any lactic acid build up, allowing you to  go full beast mode — doing more reps to pack on more muscle, faster and easier than before. They set the safety bar sky-high so other athletes know that they’re supporting their bodies with a great supplement. Aside from a good diet, you are going to need to make sure you’re meeting your bodies desire for nutrients. Combined these three ingredients will supercharge your workouts and keep your nutrition well rounded when on your bulk. Citrulline, Bcaas, glutamine, betaine, taurine are the staple of their formula, all of which will help make a bulk more successful. When you couple this with prolonged, physical intensity, you’re able to conquer your fears, achieve goals, and destroy personal records.
If you’re missing these essential nutrients, you are only hindering or slowing down your progress. Bccas will increase your protein synthesis, which will help your body build more lean mass. Straight to the point, adding nothing more than the bare minimum, which will make it easier to drink during your workouts. Information found here is not reviewed by medical professionals, and only to be used at your own risk.
When the veins are bulging out, the muscle looks full and the skin over your muscles gets very thin. Thus, an intra-workout supplement during your bulk will greatly increase the potential of increasing muscle gain, overall health increase and several other benefits. Beta-alanine will improve your overall endurance and physical performance resulting in better workouts which in return will also help you bulk up more lean mass.
Glutamine will replenish lost or missing nutrients, which shouldn’t be a problem while bulking on quality food, but its better safe than sorry. You’ll have increased recovery times, improved nitric oxide production, more energy, and potential to add more lean muscle mass.
Keep an eye out for the ingredient label, a good dose of BCAAs, citrulline, and beta-alanine, are key indicators of an intra-workout well equipped to support you during a bulking phase.
Citrulline will help keep your vascular systems in check while providing additional health benefits. Taurine has a couple different benefits, but what it will do for us is it’ll help keep you from cramping, a lot of food and supplements may cause some discomfort, taurine will help out with this. Paired with a good diet while on your bulk, this intra-workout will be a get compliment to your bulking regimine.
Consult a medical professional before making any lifestyle changes.Results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Since you’ll be in the gym for a good amount of time and drinking this during your workout, make sure the product you choose has good mixability and taste.
On top of these great ingredient features, Core Nutritionals Core ABC also delivers solid taste, including several fantastic flavors to choose from and excellent mixability for that extra added peace of mind. Additionally, SciVation Xtend comes in a lot of different flavors, one of the few companies to take taste and mixability to the next level, every flavor has positive customer feedback, perfect for those worried about finding a good tasting product. Paired with a good tasting formula and great mixability makes this product worth looking into further.

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