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admin | Supplements To Gain Muscle | 10.12.2013
If you have never taken a BCAA supplement before or even if you have then I suggest you give our Advanced BCAA supplement a try.
Take 1 scoop of say our Molkegan Whey and add 2 tsp of Advanced BCAA to this post workout.  BAM!
Finally you can use this as a complete protein source.  Meaning you can replace your current whey protein powder or protein supplement with this powder.  Really this stuff is whey protein on steroids no doubt and I guarantee you are going to love the results!

The fact of the matter is the better quality protein you use the better quality muscle gains you will get.
Only for the hard-core supplement user that wants an effective muscle building product or wants to use a superior form of BCAA supplement. Do not use this product if you are a beginner to using supplements.  Only use if you are an experienced supplement user.

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