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Cherry Oil: This oil extracted from karnels of tiny tasty ripe cherry fruit has got certain acids which are proven natural sunscreen to our skin.
Shea butter is rich in beta carotene, is known for its phenolic compounds, has been used in Africa as a cooking oil for centuries and is used in Europe to make chocolate. For best results use Foaming Facial cleanser, follow with Daytime moisturizer or Renewal night cream. For best results use the Revitalizing Scalp tonic together with Energizing Shampoo and Rejuvenating Conditioner.
The African Fair Trade Society is a socially conscious organization that imports the highest quality Shea or Karite Butter from West Africa.
Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! AboutThe African Fair Trade Society uses the profits of our Shea Butter sales to establish a channel of micro-aid to small, impoverished communities in Western Africa. Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee is a thick, uber moisturizing styler that locks in moisture and keep my hair soft and supple.
CURLS Coconut Sublime Conditioner became an instant favorite from the first time I used it.
Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner is another awesome multi-functional product. I do shampoo with Aveeno Pure Renewal which is a sulfate free shampoo about once a month, then I co-wash with As I Am Co-Wash cleansing conditioner every week.I was using the Karens Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia along with the Butter Love, but, I noticed although they work well in my hair, my hair would within 2 days have a sour smell.

My hair is kinda dense, and gets dry quick, I don’t know how I should be using these products. Hey Michelle, Thank you ?? The Creme Brulee is a very concentrated product so it would depend on how dense your hair is.
I'm Vashti, a 30 something, wife, island girl, and lip gloss (and tea) loving naturalista, committed to living life on purpose in Dallas. But what makes natural skin care products better over the regular ones is the fact that natural elements never cause side effects while the chemical products can. However this not so sweet liquid can now be applied directly on skin as scrub, toner or even as mask along with other ingredients to beautify skin making it easier to treat skin naturally.
With its rich healthy elements, it is believed that it can delay the natural ageing process of skin. Think twice before applying any chemical cosmetics on your skin again and remember nature does have a solution to our very skin problems. This Shea Butter is sold in health stores and online and is used to help employ hundreds of West African women, which in turn helps them to support their families and themselves. All of these initiatives could not be possible without the support of generous and caring individuals and groups. We distribute money and resources without patronage or privilege towards any sector or group within the village.
Almost all of the products listed are multi-functional and they have worked well on my very dense, kinky hair.

It is thick and creamy and keeps my hair moisturized for at least a week at a time, especially if I wear my hair pinned up. Here you will find lifestyle tips, natural hair styles and inspiration, share-worthy finds, as well as glimpses of my life and my experiences.
That was very interesting, I never thought to check my porosity!I will definitely do that and take it from there.
I didn’t realize we had so much in common, like allergies that chisel away at greatness LOL.
It is used in a million ways today including face cleanser, to add skin glow, curing acne etc.
And praying 15 minutes before jumping out of bed is a much better alternative to my Bloglovin’ reading 15 mins before, too. The Society is truly grateful and will continue to work ethically and fairly to produce the highest quality shea butter products available.
Our goal is to invest in the Health and Education infrastructure of rural villages in West Africa.

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