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Lose Weight, Burn Calories, Lose Belly Fat, Flat Stomach a€“ These are certain facts that always come to our mind when we start an exercise routine to stay healthy.A  Studies have shown that nowadays aerobics have come to the forefront as the best exercise regime that one can opt for if he or she really wants to lose belly fat.
Circuit Training: Circuit training is basically an aerobic exercise combined with resistance training and it results a high intensity workout.
Core Power Yoga: Core power yoga strengthens your abdomen and back besides helping in weight loss. Jogging in Place: This is another popular aerobic exercise which increases your heart rate and improves your metabolism. Dancing: Whether it is zumba or belly dancing, bhangra or bollywood dancing, choose any form of dance. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. These 6 Exercises can be performed at your home and can reduce your belly fat without going to Gym. Side to Side Bend exercise can be used as a core-strengthener and or as Flexibility exercise. It has been proved that walking for 30 Minutes to 45 Minutes at least five days per week helped to decreased at least 3 KGs. Jogging is the best exercise to loss belly fat and help to raise your heart rate effectively. For an instance, if a 150 pound adult jogs a slow 12 minutes mile burns 590 -Calories in an hour.
Jogging at 10 minutes mile will burn 740 – Calories in an hour and 9 Minutes burs 818.
This webpage has more images and videos to watch to burn belly fat, Crunch Exercise videos, the best exercise to reduce belly with pictures and videos, crunches exercise for belly fat, belly fat exercises, belly reduce exercise and exercises to reduce belly fat with images. Generally, Planks are great Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat, because this exercise engages a variety of muscles during the process of Side Plan exercise. If any of above said muscle groups are lacking in strength, then you’ll have difficulty with the position to hold for 60 Seconds.

I hope this Simple Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat will take important factor of your good looking Abs.
When your body accumulates fat, a certain amount of fat is deposited in your abdomen area, thereby leading to a swelling waist size, and consequently, you can no longer wear your favorite figure hugging dresses or you need to buy larger-size pants.
These aerobic exercises need to be performed, in a circuit, that is, one after the other.A  And there should be minimal rest in-between.
It will tone down your lower body.A  Walk up and down a flight of stairs for 15-20 minutes. Dancing is great fitness exercise that can tone your body, can make your body flexible and also help in weight loss with a flat belly. Always, keep in your mind that everyone has at least small belly fat, although they have flat abs.
To do the Lunge Stance just do as, Go forward with the right leg and then bend your right knee at 90 Degree angle. The Captain’s Chair exercise was discovered by the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University.
This chair has a free-standing piece of equipment as an upright, backrest with 2 arm rest and 2 side rails. Ensure that your back should be in contact with your backrest always during Captain’s Chair exercise for flat belly.
It’s not necessary to use weights Or heavy weight to obtain immediate benefit from Bending Side to Side to Exercise.
Let’s Now repeat the procedure but bending to the left instead to do this Bending Side To Side Exercise.
The starting position would be just Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart from each other. Once you have start doing this exercise and try to do this exercise for more than 20 seconds. In Side Plank exercise you’re supporting your whole body weight on two just points of contact instead of four supports.

First Lie on your left side with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder and legs stacked. Second step is Brace your abs and lift your hips off the floor until you are balancing on your forearm and feet so that your body forms a diagonal line. Reduce the holding time initially and just keep on increasing the holding seconds accordingly. How To Lose Weight Fast If you are enjoying these Exercise Videos, Weight Loss Tips, Recipes,etc.
These aerobic work outs also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation. Also there is a proven connection between the accumulation of belly fat and cardiovascular disease. While doing core power yoga, you improve strength, stamina, concentration and also reduce stress. This childhood game can be one of your favorite aerobic exercises to reduce belly fat, working on your waist and bumps. They tested and proved that the Captain’s Chair exercise is the top exercise to reduce fat belly without any device. If you can not hold this position for a long time, stay-up as long as you can do it, and then just repeat until you have held for 30 seconds as total. This exercise tones your thighs, strengthen your abdomen muscles and help in losing belly fat. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Oz Show Get the best workout for cellulite using butt exercises and leg exercises to reduce lumps and dimples and lose weight fast What can I do to lose fat in my butt?

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