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Found in abundance in coffee, cacao, tea and kola nuts, caffeine is an alkaloid commonly used as a stimulant and in some cases as a diuretic. The potency of caffeine in performance has attracted lots of researchers who have been keen to find its application to athletics. There is a growing pool of evidence which shows that caffeine can boost performance in endurance athletes.
Caffeine helps in mobilizing fat stores hence making the body use fat as the primary fuel source instead of breaking down glycogen which is stored in the muscles and liver.
In the first 15 minutes of exercise, caffeine plays a crucial role in sparing the glycogen.
Recovery is crucial to athletes because it gives the body and particularly the muscles the opportunity to regenerate. Inasmuch as coffee and tea contain significant levels of caffeine, most athletes prefer caffeine pills which have a measured level of caffeine.

We believe that fitness and nutrition are the building blocks of life: the better you take care of yourself, the more energy you’ll have, and the better you’ll feel. When consumed, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), respiration and heart rate.
The general finding established by the researchers is that caffeine is effective in boosting athlete performance but care must be exercised to pick the right dose, take it at the right timing and in the most suitable form.
The alkaloid also enhances performance in various exercise protocols amongst them short-duration and high intensity events, prolonged high intensity events, ultra-endurance events, endurance events as well as prolonged intermittent sprint events such as racket sports. Delaying the depletion of muscle glycogen can help prolong the exercise cycle making athletes to go longer, harder, faster and perform a higher number of reps before fatigue sets in. Because it peaks in blood levels in about 45 to 60 minutes after consumption, it is advisable that you take it 3 or more hours before the exercise. When coffee was sampled from different vendors, it was found that the level of caffeine varies from one vendor to the next hence the importance of taking supplements with pre-defined levels of caffeine.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to get back into shape, treating your body right can affect your job, family, and the world around you. This stimulation has been found through research to increase energy, lower the perception of fatigue and enhance performance. According to the American Physiological Society, when an athlete undertakes 4 hours of post-exercise, the level of muscle glycogen increases by about 66% if the athlete takes a carbohydrate drink rich in caffeine. The Sports Freak publication will inspire you to take charge of your body and build a better lifestyle for yourself through innovative articles from leading experts. The increase in glycogen can help in the recovery process making the next workout more productive.

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