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If you are concerned about the excess skin, your only choice is to remove it with a tummy tuck operation.
If you are concewrned only about the separation of your muscles and fullness of the lower abdomen, you may want to look into the Tupler method.
Assuming you don’t have excess abdominal skin, you do have options outside of a tummy tuck operation.
The one that comes immediately to mind for me would be to undergo lipoplasty of your love handles. If these problems persist after diet and exercise, then surgical intervention can fine tune them, and since you are in better shape from diet and exercise, the surgery should be safer for you as well.A (Garrett A.

I have had many women come in and tell me they had tried a lot of exercise to try to flatten their tummy, and it did not work. A tummy tuckA operation is not the only way to flatten your belly and lose the love handles. In the meantime, consider flattening the stomach using a Yoga or Pilates regimen of core strengthening exercises.
If you have loose skin or your tummy muscles are spread apart you may require a tummy tuck to achieve your goal.
The main issues; however, are whether you have too much loose skin, and intraabdominal fat.

So I think for some women it does work, so long as the damage to the abdominal wall wasn’t that bad to begin with.

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