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Exercise Description and Instruction: This Abs Exercise is one of our most popular core exercises and can be done any time, anywhere. To Perform This Exercise:Lie on a flat bench or an exercise mat on the floor with your hands under your hips to support your back. In the past, whenever we’ve asked our high-level trainers for ab workouts, one exercise seems to always find its way into every program: the hanging leg raise. Without a doubt, rips and cuts throughout your core are among the most highly sought physical attributes. Of course, straight legs is more advanced and if you can do a hanging leg raise with straight legs, then you're probably already able to do an L-seat. When holding the tuck becomes simple to do, I want you to work on holding yourself in that same position but up on your fingers instead of a flat palm against the ground.
For those who have told me they have trouble lifting themselves off the ground into an L-seat, working on your fingertips should get you up higher and solve your problems. This is for the safety of the fingers, which would most likely be injured due to the stress and motion that would be placed upon them. Now that you're an expert on the L-seat, get up into the position and try walking forward. The L-seat turn is a skill where you change the direction you are facing while in an L-seat.
While you can just turn yourself 90 degrees or 180 if you want, I find it much more fun to spin around in continuous circles. Now, you could move yourself around in this path by taking short choppy steps, similar to the L-seat walking, but if you want to really nail this skill and fly around the circle, you'll need to take more sweeping steps. Just like the previous L-seat turn described, this is going in a clockwise direction as well.
For further clarification, here's a picture of myself doing an L-seat turn on the P-bars.

If you look at the still shot above, you can see the body lean that I previously discussed. It says in the article that you should go on your fingertips as it will be easier to progress from your fingertips to more advanced stuff like l-seat to handstand press as it will give you more clearance to bring your legs tucked in and rotate to the advanced stuff you like. I think it’s a question of giving yourself more clearance off the ground so you can get your feet and legs behind you without touching the ground. Hi there, when you say “this should be a pretty easy position to hold” in regards to the l-seat, how many seconds would you say you need to hold the l-seat before progressing to l-seat walking?
I have a feeling when i try to do the L-seat that can be easily done, but my hamstrings stopped me. I have such trouble with this skill, that when I try to get into the position, i get a terrible cramp in my right thigh. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Inhale and lift your legs off the floor as high as you can; at the same time, bring your chin as close to your chest as possible (b). On the whole, our experts agree that no workout regimen is complete without lower ab and hip flexor work, and the leg raise is the best way to get the job done. You lie down on a bench or on the floor, and you perform the next best thing: the lying leg raise.
Vary your sets by performing timed holds or by spreading your legs into a V position at the top of each rep. You wouldn’t expect to add two inches to your biceps by using the weight of your arms—why would abs training be any different? For those who do not have the strength quite yet, just hang and raise your legs into a tuck.
If this is a struggle, just continue to work on the position until you can easily hold it for an extended length of time. More importantly though, this will build good strength in your fingers and become helpful for some combination skills. You'll find it easiest to keep your arms straight and simply lean back and forth while moving your hands forward.

By keeping your body tight to your wrists, you will be using the hand and wrist as a solid base and pivot point. A quick question on form – is it alright to start off hanging leg raises with the legs at an angle to the torso instead of them being straight in line? It gives me more heigh than my palms, and it will be a while before my fingers are strong enough to support me fully. I’m able to do hanging leg raises with straight legs in sets of 15, and think I have the strength required to hold the position, but the cramps prevent me from staying there longer than 5 to 10 seconds. Done correctly, the lying leg raise offers all the benefits of the hanging leg raise—without the need for an overhead bar. Keep your legs as straight as possible, and hold a dumbbell between your feet if you want added resistance. Hold the contraction at the top for a second, then slowly lower your legs to the start position.
And if you feel that there's absolutely no way your could support yourself up on your fingers, then work on finger tip pushups to build up that strength.
As confusing as this sounds now, it'll clear itself up for you as soon as you give it a try. But scoring a six-pack is a concentrated and complicated goal that requires a lot of discipline. The tendon strength necessary to hold yourself up will develop slowly, so give it plenty of time and rest. I also find it helpful to keep my wrists glued up at my side – right along the point where your glutes meet your hamstrings. When you do have the necessary hand strength, go back and try the tuck position up on your fingers.
This should be the natural place your wrists are for the L-seat anyways, just keep them there when you walk.

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