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Instant Knockout earns our #1 ranking because it takes some of the best fat-burners out there and formulates them into a combination that makes a hell of a lot of sense… especially if you’re a fighter, an athlete, or if you’re combining intense training with your fat-loss efforts. Instant Knockout supplies several of our top-ranked fat-burning ingredients: Green tea extract, green coffee extract, cayenne pepper, and caffeine.
Combine these leading fat-burners, and you’ve got a potent stack delivering a ton of diverse and powerful fat-loss effects working at the same time. Black Pepper Extract: Multiplies synergy by burning fat and boosting absorption of ALL formula ingredients. Standardized black pepper extract, chromium picolinate, and label transparency (exact dosage of each ingredient is listed). Legion Phoenix makes our Best 5 because it is an intensely hot fat-burner supplement that’s balanced out with some sophisticated formulation strategies. It starts with Synephrine, a super-potent, balls-out fat-burner that’s like a safer version of ephedra.
Legion Phoenix enhances synephrine even more by combining it into a synergistic stack with Naringin+Hesperidin.
Add a hefty dosage of some straight EGCG – that’s right, just the active fat-burning compound of green tea – and Legion Phoenix’s metabolic effects get even more intense. Legion Phoenix throws in a nootropic mini-stack for good measure – L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP to promote the mental energy and mood balance to help you stick to your weight loss regimen, excel at the gym, and more comfortably manage the overall formula’s intensity. Animal Cuts puts superhuman effort into creating a fat-burning formula that covers all possible bases with 40+ active ingredients. A side effect of having so many ingredients is that Animal Cuts can effectively optimize fat burning across more bio-pathways than any other formula. As if that weren’t intense enough, Animal Cuts throws in a Bioavailability Complex designed to enhance the absorption of its many ingredients. In some ways, Animal Cuts is like “throwing so much shit at the wall that something sticks.” But the thing is, it’s not all shit they’re throwing… there are many smart ingredient choices supplied in premium forms. The end result is a remarkably far-reaching fat-burner complex that unleashes powerful, industrial-strength activity.
Vintage Burn is a clean formula with a transparent label that supplies 3 of our top-rated, tried-and-true fat burners, along with additional trending fat burners that are blazing new trails.
For example, Vintage Burn promotes fat-burning across cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), thyroid hormone, and testosterone bio-pathways; a “wildcard” approach that could unlock impressive synergistic fat-burning activity. Vintage Burn also provides some mental support in the form of Bacopa, one of our Best 5 Nootropic ingredients. In the past, Hydroxycut has been synonymous with “shitty fat burner supplements.” Not anymore. They bounce back big-time with SX-7 Black Onyx, a formula featuring so many effective fat-burners and premium forms that we had to include it in our Best 5. SX-7 Black Onyx supplies some of today’s most popular fat burners: Green coffee bean, caffeine, and yohimbine. But while past Hydroxycut incarnations have been suspect at best, you can tell that they give a shit this time around: The caffeine is a moderate 145 mg dose, which they combine with L-Theanine to “take the edge off” while boosting gym focus and athletic alertness – a smart formula strategy. Throw in some wildcard Salvia root extract for “sensory” benefits, and you’ve got a great formula for peak fat-burning and motivated gym performance. Green coffee bean standardized to 45% chlorogenic acids, salvia standardized to 7% salvianolic acid, Yohimbe bark standardized to 6% yohimbine, Satsuma mandarin standardized to 0.2% beta-cryptoxanthin.
While this Best 5 list highlights quality, effective fat-burning first, it also reflects some of these new-and-emerging fat-burner supplement trends for 2016. Other fat-burners supply nutrients for appetite support, thyroid function, testosterone levels and more, effectively targeting fat from multiple angles.
Instant Knockout earns our #1 slot with its science-backed fat-burning ingredients that are combined into a highly effective and synergistic stack. But all of the fat-burners featured on this Best 5 list are quality formulas, and each one has its own unique advantages.

Whether you are an aspiring body builder, a future athlete or a new gym rat taking a creatine supplement is the best way to ensure that you build more muscle in a shorter timeframe. As our number 1 rated creatine in 2015, MuscleTech CreaCore combines performance and taste in a value priced supplement. Falling just short of being the number 1 supplement, Beast Sports Nutrition uses a brand new formula that leads to muscle growth, speeds of recovery time and increases strength. As our only tasteless supplement, the Optimum Micronized Creatine is the ideal product for athletes and body builders who do not want to deal with the poor taste of other creatine powders.
Many manufacturers of creatine supplements create the product by using different qualities and forms of creatine such as monohydrate. Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders, MusclePharm Creatine is a quality supplement for increasing strength and muscle growth. You must know that recovery is first step to muscle development, so that’s what gives post workout or recovery supplements their importance. Beta alanine is one of the non-essential amino acid which is naturally produced in the body itself. You have a greater chance of breaking down muscle tissues when you do high intensity workouts like weight lifting.
We like these because, with the exception of straight-up stimulant caffeine, they each bring multiple fat-burning bio-activities to the table. The formula is designed to help MMA fighters and boxers to get ripped without wasting muscle or tanking energy levels. What you end up with is a triple-threat for stubborn fat that supercharges the burning, metabolism and mobilization of fat. If you want supercharged fat-burning activity without caffeine, this synephrine-potentiated formula might be for you: It gets its intense activity from sources other than stimulants.
Animal Cuts is pretty much a professional strength formula, with 8 capsules for every serving. In addition to boosting thermogenesis and metabolism, its ingredients attack fat-burning from new angles that are rarely seen. Bacopa can boost training efforts by pathways other than muscle; it works to enhance motivation, focus and mood.
Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx formula is for those who want fat-burning effects combined with that sensory nutritional support for more motivated & enjoyable physical performance. It causes the muscles to store more energy that lead to greater muscle gain and an increase in strength. Taken daily, MuscleTech CreaCore has been proven to deliver excellent results in a short amount of time. The supplement increases the user’s endurance so that they can work out longer and longer without pain. Without any grittiness or rough texture, this is a well-designed supplement that appeals to many. The product uses ingredients that have been proven to increase stamina, strength and muscle growth.
When it comes to supplements that are to be taken after doing your workouts they are those that promote muscle growth and recovery.
These supplements are fully designed to give you all the nutrients and minerals that you lost during the workout. Whey protein is one of the most used supplements that most of the bodybuilder and athletes use to gain muscle mass.
As you do your workout, levels of magnesium and zinc almost go lower because of sweating too much or sometimes of imbalanced diet. This supplement is known for slowing the process down by giving you will high endurance and strength.
And while not all of its ingredients work, enough of them do to make Animal Cuts a shoo-in for our Best 5.

We like that Vintage Burn picks ONE cognitive support compound; it helps the formula without steering it off course from the main fat-burning purpose. If you want natural ingredients and a ridiculously clean label, Vintage Burn might be the right fat-burner for you. But SX-7 Black Onyx’s sex appeal lies in the salvia + satsuma + yohimbine + L-Theanine, an intriguing stack for unlocking next-level training intensity for greater fat-burning results. It’s not the most proven, but if you like promising wildcard fat-burners, it might be for you.
Taking creatine will allow you to overcome that dead arm feeling and leave you capable of doing additional reps and exercises. The ingredients for this product have been specially chosen because they treat the stomach with care and prevent bloating and nausea.
There is nothing state of the art or fancy about this creatine and instead it is just a quality product.
Users of this supplement are advised to take three scoops daily with water, juice or a protein drink to maximize results.
Often many people do not understand the importance of muscle recovery, they go out to gym and start doing same workouts every day without giving time to rest. When you take this supplement it readily increases the level of carnosine, which in-turn helps to prevent the accumulation of hydrogen.As a result, the lactic acid transformation or muscle fatigue which decreases the muscle performance, readily drop down. This allows the weight trainers to lift more weights than normally thought possible.If you lift more weight naturally body will be forced to produce lean muscle mass. Below, we’ve reviewed the best creatine supplements in 2015 so that you can choose the best product.
Fenugreek extract has been scientifically tested and proven to result in more muscle mass and endurance in a shorter amount of time.
Despite being tasteless, some users of this product have complained that it leaves them with an upset stomach.
Customers who have purchased this supplement have stated that it has led to increased energy and muscle mass after only a few weeks of use. By taking this supplement, our bodies delays the process of lactic acid formation by which you would more energetic and have more endurance to do your workout. This supplement reduces the levels of catabolism which is a unique process where muscle cell are broken to provide energy.
It gets transported directly to muscle tissue, where it drives all the nutrients to improve recovery.It also reduces the process of muscle fatigue and fastens the rate of muscle recovery.
Addition to that it also supplies nitrogen to muscle tissues and it can also be teamed up with other supplements like whey & creatine to reach your goals faster. Despite being available in a wide variety of flavors, MuscleTech CreaCore has received subpar reviews for leaving a bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately, the product has received poor ratings compared to other supplements from the list because of its gritty texture and poor taste. This supplement is most useful for those who do a lot of intense activities like running and swimming. The supplement helps build lean muscle mass by increasing the size of muscle cells so that more growth can occur. Like our last place product, this supplement does not easily dissolve in liquid and did not produce desired results in as short of an amount of time as higher rated supplements.

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