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Because living clean is a smart ideaHave you heard of Ashy Bines and her 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge?
And because we’re attempting to be a bunch of healthy little coconuts here at beautyheaven HQ, we tracked down Ashy Bines so we could steal her healthy living secrets and implement them for ourselves. I have never heard of her but she sounds like she knows what shes talking about and has some great tips most of which I have heard before - except cooking with coconut oil. Personally I think the best book you can get for a total body and health transformation you should go to the global health renegade website. I see all the ads on facebook but i haven't tried it as I try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle already.
AB: It’s [a plan filled with] natural foods that fuel our bodies to give us energy to get through the days, plus it’s not overloaded with sugars, which cause weight gain, bad moods and low energy.
AB: Drinking water and eating brightly coloured vegetables, and I always start my day with a fat burning walk (a 45 minute walk on an empty tummy).

AB: Sunscreen, and I love rosehip oil as a moisturiser… I believe a healthy diet and lots of water also helps in keeping my skin clear! AB: Find a type of training you ENJOY – I love training with my partner and best friend so I never hate it. Your healthy eating and living tips and tricks are just what we need to kick-start our mindset that clean living really is the way to go.
I am a trainer and for a long time for myself I do only one thing (yoga), my bod looks and is very fit and toned with muscle definition (not like hers, just skinny, no definition. I love my lean meats, chicken and kangaroo, and I also LOVE freshly grilled fish and I cook EVERYTHING soaked in coconut oil! Also, the amount of support [the plan offers], which includes myself, a dietician, another personal trainer and over 37,000 other girls helps to support everyone throughout their journey.
I eat good food and not so good food, I do walk a lot and do lots of chores which I class as a workout.

She sells just another cut your cal fad diet that works only while you starve your cells on high protein diet. Well, she’s a Gold Coast model-turned-healthy-eating-crusader, and she’s all about helping you lose weight the smart way. And once you’re maintaining your weight, don't be so paranoid about having a wine or meal out with your friends.

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