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Wave bye bye to pesky bingo wings and give your arms some well-deserved attention to ensure you can wear summer tops with confidence come the warmer months with our easy peasy workout. The secret to honing a shapely pair of arms is to work your chest and shoulders and both your biceps and triceps evenly. We’ve created a quick circuit that does just that, so you’ll be ready to reveal awesome arms in no time. Add these four moves to your existing workouts, twice a week, taking 30 seconds’ rest between each set.

Just make sure you team this workout with a healthy diet and some high-intensity cardio, as you’ll need to rev up that fat burn for slim and sexy arms. Go for a weight that challenges you – but make sure you can perform each rep with good form. Your arms should be tired by the end, and you should feel as though you couldn’t do another set with the same weight.

Prepare to shred your upper extremities with this awesome “Arm Pyramid Workout”!!

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