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The topic of restoring your natural hormones after a prohormone or anabolic steroid cycle has been discussed at length here at the Prohormone Podcast.
To get participants they simply advertised in local Boston gyms that they were looking guys who could bench press at least 275lbs for 1 rep, and were willing to complete a psychiatric and medical evaluation.
Despite all the bad reviews this product has received I think it comes down to people expecting too much from this product. I've only been using this product for 9 days and im already seeing results, great product.

Being only 19 I have pretty high test levels as it is, but I have noticed serious gains in strength as well as just overall desire to hit the gym.
When I was taking the max dose (4 pills a day) I was getting noticeably more irritable and angry, however I took it down to three and it got a lot better. 2 for box design,rainbow bull is great, 3 for beard(maybe my test levels increase) and 2 for brand. Guys please make research tests before selling. By the fourth day, I saw myself being more vascular and my libido, which was already high, shot through the roof.

I would recommend people to give it a few weeks time, as I have noticed that some people require more time to start feeling the effects.

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