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The comparison chart below highlights some of the key differences and provides accurate pricing information at the time of publication (Nov 2014). It’s my belief the fastest and easiest way to succeed online (or anywhere else for that matter) is to get a mentor, a proven plan, and then persistently take action. So in order to get both great training and some real experience under your belt at zero cost I’d recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. Email marketing is proven to be one of the most efficient methods for affiliates, as once set up it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers that can be mutually beneficial for months or even years. Chris is one of the most honest and well liked people in this business, and his teaching style is very enjoyable and easy to understand through step by step high quality video. CFM is very much targeted at people who would want to base their marketing on list building and email marketing. Mark also offers AffiloJetpack which is 5 done for you niche websites (engines in CFM speak) which include over 90 pro written emails including your affiliate links (this is the only part you’ll have to edit) to the best selling products. There are 18 profitable niches to choose from within AffiloJetpack for $997 including all hosting and the training required to ensure you profit from your websites. The only other thing you need is to buy the domain(s) name for each site and an autoresponder service (Aweber is the recommended).
AffiloJetpack is aimed at both beginners and advanced marketers who want a lot of the work done for them and don’t mind paying for it. Finally Mark offers AffilioTools a tool suite which at the time of writing is officially in Beta testing. AffiloTools is valued at $67 per month in some of Mark’s sales literature, but is currently free with Affilorama Premium membership. If your a beginner I would suggest starting with Marks free Affilorama membership and making sure you really gel with Marks teaching style because the next step is likely to be the $197 AffiloBlueprint, or maybe even the Jetpack!
Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – Kyle and Carson co-founders of WA do things a little differently from most training and mentoring services. Kyle and Carson would make a lot more money themselves if they moved to a traditional scaled pricing structure. My only critique is that it offers so much training it’s daunting when getting started.
It’s great training, an awesome community of members, and a fully transparent pricing structure. I have done a good number of reviews on this website, and out of all the programs I have reviewed very few of them has been able to live up to my standards.
In the following review I am going to be comparing the two and letting you know which one is better. Wealthy Affiliate is a online business training center that teaches people how to get an online business up and running. There are over 500 training modules that consist of video tutorials, classrooms, live webinars, text based learning as well as certification courses. There are six of these total with four of them available right now and the other two to be released here soon.
At the end of the lessons there are tasks you need to complete before moving on to the next one. This is the starter course that comes with your Free membership and there are 10 lessons included in this course.
What a niche is, and how to pick the right one that will not only be profitable but one that you can be an authority in and use it to grow your business.
How to create long and short term goals and work towards them in order to create financial freedom. This course is all about traffic and the many ways that you can generate traffic to your website.
This course is all about how to make money from your website and understanding how the process of making money online works. This course is all about social media and how to get your visitors socially engaged in your content. Listed below are the 13 classrooms that you can use to gain a better understanding about how these things work.
For a more in depth look at what these classrooms has to offer you can check out this post I did on the WA classrooms here. Any business that is going to succeed needs the right tools to do the job and Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Live chat- is the best way to get help instantly from lots of experienced marketers who are ready to answers your questions. Private messaging- is a great way to get personal one on one help and support from thousands of experts along with the owners Kyle and Carson.

Start up a discussion- Get your questions answered and get a better understanding of how Internet marketing works. The 30 days to success challenge is a training module that is meant to have the foundation of your business in place and have you to the point to where you should be making some money. There are 14 video walk through’s in this section with more being added in the future. In this training section you are going to be focusing on how to build an email list and how to market your products to other people through email marketing. This particular section in the training walks you through the entire process that you need to follow to create your own product and how to start selling it right away.
This is the section of the training that everyone should go over as many times as they need too.
There are 29 training modules that will show you how to avoid getting hit by the panda and penguin updates.
This training module is all about getting traffic to your website and the many ways that you can go about doing this.
If your site isn’t getting any traffic then all your work you have been doing is pretty much useless. This is where they are lacking at and I feel they could offer a lot more valuable tools to help you get your online business started. This is another great tool even though not as accurate as the Jaaxy keyword tool’s Site rank feature. The whole purpose of this tool is to tell you which pages on your site are ranking the best for a variety of different keywords on your website.
There are a few ways that you can get help and support from this community and I am going to list them below and go into a little detail about each one. If you have any questions or you would just like to introduce yourself to the community then the forum would be the best place to do so. If there is something that you need help with and you don’t want everyone to see your post then you can send a PM to the owner himself or the many other members of the community and get one of one personal help and support. You can open a ticket in the help desk and someone will usually get back to you within 24 hours. My personal recommendation, which I have been referring people to for over a year now is Wealthy Affiliate.
Both online communities are FREE to get started and they both offer a good amount of training. Check out the chart below to get a better idea of how Wealthy Affiliate stacks up to IMPHO! I really hope that this has given you a better explanation of what both communities has to offer.
Check Out My #1 Recommendation It's hard to find any real programs that teach you how to build a business online without draining your bank account. Are you a teenager that’s looking for a few easy ways to earn some spending money while surfing the net? With 2 Free Websites as well this is the idea platform to try online business with zero cost. My recommendation if you're looking to list building and email marketing as your main strategy. The other two programs are both very good but their communities are like ghost towns in comparison. That situation is if you are considering using list building and email marketing as your prime strategy. Both WA and Affilorama are massive training resources covering everything you’ll ever need to know about affiliate marketing. The engine is the core of your online business and is a system for turning visitors into loyal email subscribers.
This training is aimed at intermediate marketers, with advanced paid advertising training, and a lot of product development training.
This is a lot of money, but if your interested the 60 day money back guarantee is rock solid. The idea is that it’s a one stop shop for managing your website, keyword and competitor research, content rankings and social media performance. The training courses, help and support, and all the extra features is something that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Whatever it is that you want to learn about, that is related to internet marketing you can learn it here.
These are some of the best courses available that explain everything in detail and provide step by step instructions on how to complete each task.
Without traffic there is no reason to even have a website and in this course you will learn all about how to get lots of traffic to your website.

In these classrooms you can learn just about anything that is related to online business or affiliate marketing. You can also ask questions below the training if you don’t understand something and you will get an answer in usually a few minutes. It will help you write better content and keep track of your keyword density so that you don’t overuse your keyword. This also comes with many perks and your websites will be monitored and protected against any hackers or from being attacked.
IMPHO also offers a Free starter membership as well so you can try it out before you decide to go premium. I will list the main training modules and show you which ones offer the most value to people just getting started in Internet marketing. These cover a variety of different topics that range from how to profit from amazon during Christmas time  to how to get a website ranked.
This goes through what affiliate marketing is and shows you how to cash in on this multi billion dollar business. There are 26 videos that show you how to get your list built and how to start making repeat sales through email. There are 39 modules dedicated to how to create your own product and get it ready for sale to the whole world on the internet. Getting your website to the top of the search engines and mastering SEO is something that every webmaster should know how to do. This is probably one of the most important things you should be doing after you have a good amount of content on your site. It will tell you if you are following good SEO practices, what needs fixed, and how to get your pages ranking higher in the search engines. The forum is split up into 7 different areas where you can get help on whatever you need it the most or you can start a new topic. They have been around for 9 years now and they are the ONLY place that will show you the RIGHT WAY to start a business online.
The starter membership at WA offers more than I have seen from other paid membership websites and the premium membership opens up a whole new world of training.
I would highly recommend WA to anyone who is wanting to get up and running with their own work from home business.
If you have any questions about either Wealthy Affiliate or IMPHO please leave them below and I will get back to you right away.
Here's the program that has helped me earn a full time living online and I was able to quit my full time job in just 10 short months.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I created this website in 2013 because I was sick of living paycheck to paycheck and letting someone else tell me how much money I could make. 5 done for you websites (need your own domain, hosting and autoresponder) with 3 pages (Squeeze, Thank You, and Download) and 5 emails to get you started.
Done correctly email marketing is proven to be the most profitable and scale able online business model. I’m sure that many of you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, but may not know much about IMPHO. There is no experience required and their training is broken down in step by step easy to follow lessons.
There is a Free starter membership where you can get started for $0 and it includes everything you need to get started making money online. This is something that all webmasters should have so that you know how well your website in performing.
This tool will give you your top 3 pages that are performing the best in the search engines. On this website, I review many online opportunities, expose the latest scams, and share tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. I reviewed this Internet marketing training center a while back and it is very similar to WA in many ways.
It has only been around for 2 years and I feel there is still plenty of room for growth within this new IM community.

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