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My shoulders and biceps actually don't fit into some of my shirts now, which is why if you see me, I'm probably wearing a tank top or loose shirt.
For maximum results, you must focus on the area that you are working out and on your breathing. The side crunches and Russian twists target your obliques (or a€?love handlesa€? if you prefer). Toma€™s home ab circuit is designed to strengthen and develop your core muscles, and to sculpt your abdominal area.
If you are after a lean six pack look, you need to combine the circuit training with a fat-loss diet and cardio training.

You dona€™t really need to subscribe and pay to a€?unlocka€? the secrets of building six pack abs. Also, if you're in Gainesville, I'm absolutely willing to complete the workout with you some time to show you how to do the exercises. However, all opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of any organization mentioned on this site. A good diet, plenty of cardio and this home workout plan is all you need to build your six pack abs. Just follow this simple home ab circuit by fitness model and bodybuilding competitor Tom Imanishi.

With dedication to upper body and core workouts like the one below, you can make it happen.

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