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A quick look at the plans shows how the foot segments and support arms are made by laminating two layers of 1″-thick material to form solid blanks.
When the blanks are dry, lay out decorative tapers and rounded corners at the locations shown in the plans. Round clamp knobs with threaded inserts lock the support arm assemblies in place when adjusting the tabletop’s height.
As you can see from the plans, the lower sections of the legs are made of wide columns attached to long foot segments with mortise-and-tenon joints.

Glue and clamp the column tenons in place with 2″-long tongues protruding from the bottoms of the channel slots.
Apply the contact cement to both surfaces and let it dry completely before pressing the laminate into place. Twist the inserts into place using a hex key and try locking the extension rails into position. If all is well, apply glue to the walls of the mortise openings and slip the column tenons and extension arms into place.

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