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My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I'm thinking that a low angle block plane would be the ticket.
That said, there's WAY too much angst over planes and other cutting tools among hobby woodworkers.
A word about planes that I learned the hard way until a master took me under his wing: Don't make yourself crazy trying to flatten iron plane soles. As for the LN low angle block plane, I'd be sure that it has an adjustable mouth, as does the standard Stanley. I expect Smalser will be along soon enough to tell you all you need to know about buying old high quality used planes at garage sales and fettling them up just so. The Stanley low angle block plane did the trick here for a Tom Hill lapstrake canoe (did the 14' jobbie).

Sadly, the Stanley 'standard' low angle block plane isn't what it once was even 5 or 6 years ago. I've got both the low angle and regular angle lee valley veritas block planes and have used them a lot in the last 3 years and have had occasion to use lie nielsons that were not mine.
Yes, LN makes an expensive plane, and yes, if it's set up incorrectly with a dull blade, it will be next to useless. Also, one might find that LN planes are incredibly similar to Stanleys, including the model number. They've also included a high quality blade (either A1 or O2, as mentioned), so you don't have to add that to your cost of a cheaper plane. The large router plane does the exact same thing as the small, but on larger work pieces and joints.

My experience is that the lee valley block planes are much superior to the lie nielsons in many ways. The router plane excels at making perfect flat-bottom grooves, dados, mortises, inlay, tenon cheeks, etc. Just a flat reference surface (the bottom of the plane), a sharp blade and way to hold it in place (the adjuster screw).
Whenever you want a recessed area relative to a surface, the router plane’s blade helps make it perfectly flat for tight-fitting joint.

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