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What makes the jigsaw such a versatile power tool is its ability to cut through a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or ceramics.
In the daily life of a woodworker, a jigsaw blade that cuts soft material isn't what you first think of when thinking about the best jigsaw you got in your workshop. When cutting fiberglass with a jigsaw you can, do this with a ‘grit type blade’ that cuts like a file. When the blade is used on acrylic such as ‘perspex’ or polycarbonate, make sure you reduce the speed on your jigsaw and keep the orbital action at a low rate (seen next Image shows the Bosch jigsaw blade number T101A).

However, when your jigsaw blade for soft material including insulation and polystyrene you'll appreciate how useful this type of jigsaw blade can be. This article showed you just the most important jigsaw blades used by woodworkers, contractors, carpenters and roofers in today's market.
Your alternative is to use a special tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) jigsaw blade with teeth. You can use it on fiber cement boards and is a very commonly used blade for contractors, carpenters and roofers (seen next Image shows the Bosch jigsaw blade number T341HM).

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