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Here's a jig for routing bookcase or cabinet-side dadoes that exactly match the thickness of your shelf stock.
If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store. I built it and it does'nt work with the guide bushings the dado is still undersized I ended up using a pattern bit. I was assuming the bat ear causing bevel on the regular dado teeth was to aid in cutting across the grain on the sides.
Some saws won't take dado blades, others the arbor is long enough but the power isn't there.A six inch set will do most work.

Upgraded to an 8" dado set from Oldham Saw - tried it out at a wood show on my own oak plywood, & used it for about 12 years. Slip the jig off the stock, and clamp the jig onto the piece being dadoed, centering the opening between the rails (A) over the marked dado on the side panel.
As face veneers have have gotten "semi-transparent" I purchased a 6" Freud dado set (since a 6" set will cut dados or rabbitts deeper than I have ever needed) & it works great. I also have a wobble dado that I use sometimes for rough work that I don't want to use my Freud for. If you have ever had a piece of material drift away from the fence when ripping or crosscutting, A dado set will amplify that experience exponentially ( Speaking from Experience).

Right now I'm getting ready to make a half dozen shoji doors, could do it with a router, many ts slices, ras, by hand, but dado seems easiest. To customize the rails for a different bushing and bit, install them in your router, and trim the protruding lip of the rabbet in the guide rails, as shown in the Dadoing Detail.

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