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There are two categories of deck preservatives used by house painters and homeowners: sealers and stains.
Clear sealers have no colorant, but they absorb deeply into wood and work as a waterproofing agent. Semi-solid stains are much like semi-transparent stains, except that they have a deeper color and show less of the natural wood grain. Solid stains are practically indistinguishable from paint; the primary difference is that solid stain doesn’t have a sheen or reflect light. Understandably, with the heat of summer months approaching, homeowners want to protect their decks.
While clear sealers are useful in preventing cracking, they do not block UV rays, so your wood deck will still fade over time.

While they do slightly absorb into wood, stains remain closer to the surface and create a film barrier. Providing a thick, colored film, solid stains can be made to match or coordinate with the colors of your home siding. Just like paint, they must be applied in two coats, and they typically retain their strength and color for 4-5 years. We recommend using latex products since they are better for the environment, are easier to apply and clean, and are less likely to grow mildew.
As an experienced painting contractor, we have the knowledge and skills to protect your deck and home exterior. While the natural aging of wood products from UV rays and heat cannot be completely prevented, the aging process can be significantly slowed with proper care and attention to all exterior woodwork. For effective protection, professional painters recommend reapplying this product once each year.

This is the most common product used on most decks, since it provides good protection against graying and cracking while allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through. All stains have water-repelling properties built in, but they also provide more coloration to outdoor woodwork. Stains range from semi-transparent (clear enough to see the wood grain) to dark solids; they can come in nearly any color, and typically last 3-5 years.

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