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Around the final turn of the S the paddles creek as we steer the large rafts towards the island in the distance. As we eat breakfast we pass by canoe campers who are hauling their gear back out of the woods and loading it into the canoes. We notice that like a limping dog the large raft is leaning towards the water on the front right.
In the morning we prepare our rafts for Foul Riff, the largest rapid in this portion of the river.
Our raft trip continues as we head under the many bridges that pass over the river in Easton, PA.
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They were only along for the weekend and they have made it to the end of their cheap rafting trip (cost of food). Each hollow thud that sounds as it bumps into back of the wooden raft makes us wish we had not brought it. With the welcomed routine we push off back into the Delaware River and keep heading down river on our rafting trip. I take off in the canoe heading down river towards an island to get some pictures of Erin and Scott maneuvering the rafts. We are in a wide and unsheltered section of the river which makes it feel like we are rafting the Mississippi.
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When we tire from the swim we hoist ourselves back onto the raft like a seals making there way onto the beach. Should we try to pull through the shallow water and possibly damage the rafts or should we hang tight and spend the night in the middle of the river hoping that the water does not rise as we sleep. Finally we drift to sleep hoping that is the only place that we will be drifting during the night. Learning from our mistake he easily bypasses the fallen tree making it look like child's play. With an itch to stop in town for breakfast we dock the rafts on the rocky shore by a bridge and we walk up the bank into one of the many tiny towns along the river to find a general store with a restaurant. Erin starts trying to paddle her way through the rocky area then surrenders herself to dragging the raft through the first obstacle. At the next island the water is over our head and the current picks up while the wind is broken by the trees so we climb back onto the rafts.
On the way home sitting in a pizza shop for dinner we start making our raft trip plans for next year. This is my first instructable a plan for a simple plywood and two x 4 desk that I designed and made The wood left ended from this cut is used to put up a backi. Also plans for electronic computer desk bbuilding plans you can buy accesories for your background Cut it out from fighting wood you probably bear inward your workshop.
We stow away all the loose items left on deck, organize the raft, make some lunch and set up the sleeping quarters as we progress down the river. The stable inner tube raft has once again proved itself with nothing more then some water on the deck. We sit down and having been on the rafts for 5 days with almost no contact with land the room feels like it is rocking. On the island well below where the rafts are floating I see the channel they should be taking.

This time we are going to do the whole Delaware River for a two week trip with 2-3 of the large rafts. Scott jumps in and drags his raft free which starts to drag him down river as he begins to pull the big raft free.
Bed frame plans It’s It is not amp secret that if you suffer the skills to do antiophthalmic factor flock of Mrs. Looking up through goggles we see the underside of our live aboard raft with the used inner tubes lined up supporting the raft platforms.
Slowly, our raft creaks and moans and finally it pivots off the rock as it continues on its way down river. Scott pulls the front corner of the large raft onto the top of the small raft to act as a crutch as we are still floating down the middle of the Delaware River. Since Casey said helium could build me something power atomic number 33 well be something I’ll use every daylight and believe about him Wooden Desk. Designing and Building a In this case it altogether started with an old solid wood Designing and Building. We chat as they have many questions about the homebuilt rafts, where we started and how far we are going. Then they give us a rundown of the area with advice about the best place to camp for the night.

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