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Because wood body and chassis are made of metal, would be very vulnerable to the emergence of lacquer.
To that end, keep the wood from the lacquer is one of a series of wood treatment to be done.However please note, that the lacquer will appear especially on the parts that are not coated with paint. Therefore, if you paint chipped wood, either from impact or friction with other objects, or even because the paint is old, will trigger the appearance of lacquer that can spread to other parts. Therefore, to remove the lacquer and lacquer keeping onset, one of the major steps that must be done is to keep the iron or metal polish is always in a closed condition.

If there are already arising lacquer metal parts, painting should be done immediately so as not to spread to other parts.Here are the steps how to remove lacquer from wood.
Prepare all the necessary equipment and materials , such as grinding to sanding , goggles and masks to protect the eyes and nose of the results of sanding dust , and gloves to protect the hands , sandpaper 150 grit , 120 grit sandpaper , 400 grit sandpaper , newspaper to cover or protective areas that are not painted , paint thinner , base-coat or primer paint for wood , paint and wood varnish or clear coat .
Remove lacquer arising on the metal parts by means of using a grinding or sanding can be done manually using 150 grit sanders. Perform sanding until smooth.To clean the sand from the remnants of lacquer, acid phosphate can use that can be bought in a store of chemical, or use lacquer remover liquid is usually sold in hardware stores or Ace hardware.

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