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There are many types of wood fence designs: split-rail wood, picket-style wood, security wood and latticework wood fence. This wood fence design is good for ranch style house and garden with Southwestern landscaping style.
This wood design fence is good for cottage style home and garden with English cottage garden style. All of our Good Neighbor® spaced wood fence designs are framed in to create an identical look on both sides.
For people who live in suburban region, while still there are wild deer and warthog, wood fence types like this is more important.

It has similar design with picket-style, where all cutting woods are arranged tightly, but there is improving on wood type selection and height of fence.
Similar with split-rail, this wood fence is combination between horizontal and vertical cutting wood arrangement, but vertical wood mush more than split-rail. All of our fences are made of rough sawn Northern White Cedar boards and framework, and treated MicroPro Red Pine posts. Unfortunately, these purposes are difficult to be accommodated together, so you must decide what is the purpose of your fence. This particular design is constructed of alternating 1x4 and 1x2 rough sawn White Cedar fence design boards.

Our picket fences and other spaced fence designs are also available as a do-it-yourself kit. This wood fence is simple, just arrange cutting wood logs into vertical as pillars and horizontal to connect each pillars. If you are curious as to how your fence will weather if left unstained, refer to our durability page for a photo.

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