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It’s also the birthplace of rustic, decorative Adirondack Style furniture made of native woods, saplings, birch bark, and more. My only advice for anybody thinking about getting a Woodmaster Drum Sander is this: if you’re going to buy a drum sander, go with Woodmaster.
PAINTED PLAQUES GO IN — Art mounts his painted castings on a jig and runs them through his Woodmaster Drum Sander. FINISHED PLAQUES COME OUT — One pass through the Woodmaster Drum Sander shaves the paint off the surface of the plaques’ lettering and design details. I called Woodmaster before I tried grinding aluminum on it and they assured me it would do what I wanted it to do, like face bronze or aluminum castings. I recently built my biggest, most difficult woodworking project, a regulation-size, 4’ x 8’ pool table.
Chuck runs one of his solid wood backgammon boards through his 38″ Woodmaster Drum Sander to get a perfectly smooth, even, perfect surface.
It was really crucial to have the Woodmaster Drum Sander for this project because it gives you extremely precise, repeatable thicknessing. For the side panels, I chose highly figured wood and it needed a lot of attention from my drum sander. I’d never used a wide drum sander until I made a big project for myself using a friend’s drum sander. In 36 years as an Industrial Arts teacher, I’ve seen all kinds of equipment and, yes, that experience influenced my decision to buy a Woodmaster. Woodmaster says a cabinetmaker spends 60% of his time hand-sanding, and that the Woodmaster saves 90% of that time.
I chose the 38” Woodmaster Drum Sander so I could run 36” cabinet doors and face frames without any issue. Here’s retired engineer and dedicated woodworker, Dennis Westphal, with his Woodmaster Drum Sander.
I got the Woodmaster Drum Sander because I wanted a machine that would give me precision and speed for the kind of work I do. This makes it ideal for one or two passes through the Woodmaster, with a very small amount being removed per pass. Here’s an MDF board with double stick tape that’ll hold the strips as I run them through my Woodmaster Drum Sander.
I’m a retired engineer and I enjoy making Wiggle Canes because they’re a blend of engineering and woodworking. The Yanneys may have started with no woodworking experience but they certainly have it now. I’d tell anybody who’s thinking about getting a Woodmaster, ‘Write the check!’ It’s American made, easy to use, and you don’t have to be a mechanic to maintain it.

Before using either type of sander, you must ensure that all of your nails are sunk at least deep enough into your flooring. Hardwood floors sanding after installation is essential to ensure that the boards have an even finish, and a drum sander can make this process much easier. All in all, floor sanders are a great way to make your wood flooring project go more easily.
I use different grades of woods; red oak, white oak, curly maple, pine, cherry, and exotic woods, too. When you’re doing large projects or large orders, you want to save time and the Woodmaster does the trick for us. People bring in beautiful red oak doors from 1800’s homes and ‘Great Camps’ in the area and we put them through one of the Woodmasters. When we used a disk sander, if you held a disk sander on it too long, it would remove all the detail in an instant. For somebody like me, a small shop woodworker, it’s saved me literally days and days of hand sanding. Note he stresses the importance of the precision it takes to produce his 15-layer, laminated Wiggle Canes — the kind of precision he achieves with his Woodmaster Drum Sander. I picked up the idea from a woodworking site from a woodworker who goes by the name “Nimrod.” The fixtures and procedures noted above are all mine but Nimrod gave me the idea to develop them and make the canes. The Yanneys create a perfectly flat surface with their Woodmaster Drum Sander, then use their laser cutter to cut both the letters and the spaces they’ll fit into. After sanding the wood perfectly flat and smooth with the Woodmaster, they carved this outdoor scene with their CNC router. We sand the workpieces flat with the Woodmaster then use the laser to cut the inlaid pieces and the recesses they fit into. When sanding hardwood, always be sure to sand with the grain of the wood to prevent unsightly scratches. Different woods have different sounds, and you have to know how thin you can make the wood without having it collapse on you. Today, the style is perfected and popularized by skilled craftsmen like Richard Vega, woodworker, artisan, and Woodmaster Drum Sander owner. Art Blackwelder is a Woodmaster Drum Sander owner who uses his Woodmaster to face aluminum castings.
Today, my wife, Kaye, and I run our own woodworking business, J & K Creations, and have a Woodmaster Drum Sander.
Here’s how I set the sanding depth: I set it so the drum doesn’t quite touch the workpiece.
I ended up getting a Woodmaster 38” Drum Sander and I’ve used it on every project I’ve built since I got it — everything from sanding down face frames to sanding all the pieces for the Adirondack chairs I build.

I always use scrap stock to cut some strips, both to confirm the thickness of the strip coming off the saw and to set the Woodmaster to the proper height and to know when that proper height is set, and if one or two passes are required.
While floor sanders can be tricky to operate, when used correctly they provide an even finish when sanding wood floors, and can turn sanding hardwood floors from a painstaking process to a task that can be completed in just a few hours. A drum sander will require the user to hold up the machine for the sandpaper to make contact with the floor; thus while drum sanders do a great job, they will require some practice to perfect a technique.
This availability has meant a major increase in the number of do it yourselfers using floor sanders. I work a lot with East Indian Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany, padauk, lacewood, ebony, and many more woods. Tell us what you’re sanding and we’ll tell you how our Drum Sander will create a perfect finish faster, easier, and better than your current sanding method! I just made a 6’ by 34” wooden floor panel for a fellow who’s turning a Cadillac hearse into a limousine. We started woodworking from zero and didn’t even know the difference between different types of wood. Belt sanders typically have some sort of control which lowers the sandpaper to the floor, ensuring that the sandpaper stays in the same position as you work. Rustic floors can often become marked, and sanding wood floors can refinish these wonderful looking floors. But it’s a great wood to work with because it is very stable and doesn’t shrink or expand with moisture. I cut all the diamond shapes and pieces, glue them up, and put them through the Drum Sander again to get a perfectly even surface. Today I just sent all the parts for four chairs through my Woodmaster in under half an hour.
Be sure to move you sander even as you sand to ensure you do not dig too far into the boards. I make a lot of things that have drawers so I make 50 drawers at a time with the drum sander. The Woodmaster Drum Sander is built like a tank and is not that much more than Delta® and Grizzly® equipment that’s made in China.

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