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We have compiled a list of the top exports for small-medium scale businesses in the Philippines.
The Philippine’s woodraft and furniture products are probably the most unique exports we have.
Our agri-food exports continued to strengthen as we pursue aggressive courting of markets like the US and Middle East. Being an archipelago the Philippines has miles and miles of shoreline surrounding seven thousand plus islands. Marine and aquaculture products accounted for 27% of our total food exports and it has continued to see growth in the exporting industry. Although our food exports are behind compared to our other Asian neighbors, experts believe that we could catch up to them and even become one of the top food exporters in the region.
Since the boom of computer accessory exports in 2008 the Philippines has seen this industry as one of the fastest selling products we have. As mentioned above, the most important aspect of selling and exporting is to promote or advertise your brand to reach a global market, the sure way to accomplish this is through internet marketing. About John Dela CruzJohn Dela Cruz is an internet marketer and the author of ManilaTrade - Home of Philippine products, business and trading.
ManilaTrade was created for the purpose of advertising Philippine products, trade and businesses to a global audience through the use of the latest internet marketing strategies like SEO, blogging and social media. If your business is in any way related to the products listed here then the opportunity to grow your business is very promising.

Hit the comments section below if you want to include additional items that you think are also part of our top Pinoy products. Because of the formal and informal training of our furniture workers, we have a different styles and designs coming from all corners of the country. We have been affirmed as one of the top agri-food suppliers in Asia after exploring markets in Halal for our products.
The coconut water industry has experienced a massive leap in sales reaching up to 300% increase compared to the total exports in the same period last 2011.
The country is still producing majority of the total global production of Milkfish or Bangus. People are now getting more health conscious these days resulting to a boom in the natural health product sales.
The electronic industry remains the top selling product of the country accounting to 51% of our total exports. You could also share this post through the social media buttons located at the top of each post. The next step is advertising your product to a global audience through our trade community for exporting prospects.
This industry has shown a steady growth of 11% per year for the past decade making it a truly surging export of the Philippines. Sugar exports of the Philippines has been at its highest last year (2011) compared to the past 3 years and increased by 21% compared to 2010.

The US has continued to be our top buyer, 2 US beverage companies are now eyeing major investments in the healthy drink business. Some of the main aquaculture products of the Philippines are tuna, milkfish, shrimps and prawns. The industry has also experienced a leap in sales to other non-Filipino buyers around the world. We also need to spend more on promoting our exports, the Philippine government has also shown support by allocating 80 million for development activities and exporting promotions for our Pinoy products. Although forecasts expect growth to slow down by 5-10% this 2012, Semiconductors and Electronics Industries in the Philippines (SEIPI) continues to believe in the continuous growth and expansion of the business. The Aquino government has also been supporting different agri-products such as banana, sugar and rice exporting. In my opinion, creating our own brand would greatly benefit the country by promoting our trademark instead of just being a supplier. With the right kind of marketing, our beautifully designed home items can continue to attract more foreign buyers.

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