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ALL PURE GREEN - Your Source For All Natural Cedar Oil The Ultimate Pest Control Eliminating Fleas, Bed Bugs and More.
PCO CHOICE is a specially designed and internally modified Cedar Oil formulation created for delivery as an insect control solution in MISTING SYSTEMS and VECTORGATION technology.
Unlike Pyrethroid TOXINS previously used in this type of insect control, MSC's high carbon content increases microbial activity in the plant life and soil rather than destroying it. The Cedar aroma triggers the exodus of the insect and if departure is not immediate, the insect becomes overwhelmed and will succumb.

The Aroma of Cedar Oil provides a barrier of re-entry by masking the Keremone of all matters in the treated area. It is 100% miscible in water and leaves a ZERO NO STAIN residual on plant life, concrete, stone and wood structure when delivered through misting nozzles or irrigation sprinkler heads.
Departure of the insect interrupts the egg layer cycle and expels the next generation of pest.
The aroma of Cedar Oil impairs the mental capacity of non beneficial insects affecting their pheromone instincts that guide them to all matters, for example human.

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