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It seems like most of the people that build brick smokers like to use offset smoker layouts and not vertical. I have had several requests for info on my small home built cabinets, so to answer them all I thought I would put together some info and post. I added the channel to separate the walls, and then welded in some nails to ensure that the insulation stayed in place. Yet, with enough skill or training, a talented carpenter could probably build a six drawer cabinet with nothing more than a pen knife and a bottle of Elmer's glue.
So I've always wanted to build a smoker where temperature and smoke are independent variables. There are dampers on each chimney, and a diverter valve to connect the fireplace and the smoke chamber together.

It's possible to automate the damper, and with a bit of electronic feedback, maintain the smoke chamber at a constant chamber. So in the Janus smoker, I plan on immersing a small boiler in the midst of fireplace, and pipe the steam through a valve to the smoke chamber. The vast majority of smokers embody a fatal flaw- they intertwine temperature control with smoke flavor.
Commercial smokehouses aim for around 650F- where the smoke is sweet, wood burns coal red, and carcinogens are minimized1.
I'm planning on a stick burner, but there is no reason it can't be fueled with charcoal briquettes and wood hunks, or even gas and wood.
But, if you know of a commercial smoker of similar design, or a backyard improviser who's been down this road before, let me know.

Almost all smokers employ dampers to adjust air flow and thus combustion conditions and eventually cooking temperature. Generally, the dampers are open and the firebox vent controls combustion, so when the diverter is turned, smoke and heat flows freely from the fireplace into the smoke chamber.
How much humidity the pan produces is a bit of a crap shoot- depending on the heat of the fire, airflow though the smoker, fat floating on the water, how much moisture meat is contributing, etc.
On the other end of the spectrum, many cabinet smokers are so tightly constructed that the small tray of fuel is starved for oxygen to maintain a low temperature.

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