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Unlike you, I see the Jack Rabbet as a specialty plane and I don't see the LA Jack as competition, though I understand your point. And a (good) small router plane is needed because sometime you have a hinge mortise that is in a tight spot and you just can't get the big router plane in. Message to Rob Lee - scale up the miniature router plane and give us a small router plane that's usable.
I have already bought the veritas,but I am really into vintage tools and think a vintage stanley would be great.
Great review Derek, thanks for taking the time.Just searched Ebay for a shooting plane and came up with this beauty!

Hello,Excellent review Derek, thanks.Regarding affordable shooting panes, the Veritas should retail for a fair amount less than the LN, if prices from the USA are anything to go by, but not enough to make it 'affordable'.
Nippychippy wrote:Hi guys am I being daft but I can't seem to find affordable shooting planes lie nelson at 430 just way to much for me till I win the lotto Cheers for the help sorry if I am hijacking the postIt's OK don't worry about it nobody really needs them anyway - they are just toys for the comfortably off! By contrast, the Veritas blades were still sharp at the end of 60 shavings, and could have gone on planing for much longer. After reading Derek's comment I'm thinking of adding a small bump on the sub base either side of the plane.
The best metal plane that won't break the bank would be a second hand Record T5, with, referencing the blade tests in the article here, a replacement LV, A2 or PM blade.Mike.

Sorby Proedge (or similar) is an extremely useful bit of kit and would get well used in most workshops.These planes aren't and wouldn't.

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