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Before describing what wood veneer is, it's important to know what the word “veneer” means. For example, you can take a nearly paper-thin sheet of madrone burl exotic wood veneer and adhere it to an inexpensive plywood or MDF panel. Wood veneer with backing also bends around non-sharp corners and rounded surfaces without any problem, unlike solid wood.

A veneer is a thin coating over the top of a solid material that is designed to look extremely nice. We have lots of information on our web site that can help you learn veneering techniques and get answers to your questions.
Another is that a much wider variety of species is available in veneer form than solid form.

For example, an inexpensive and highly renewable wood can be used for the panel while the not-as-quickly-renewable exotic wood can be the wood veneer portion, using only a very small section of the tree.

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