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Pipe Clamps. Pipe clamps are commonly used in piping, cabinet or other woodworking projects. I've been using a wagon vise setup built around one of the shoulder screws for several years now and dont know how I'd use hand planes without it. I also use twin screw clamps with one of the jaws clamped to my benchtop to hold things from time to time.
I have two HF $20 vises I no longer use from my bench build and I now use a ENCO WW vise I paid $59 and if you sign up for their mailing list you will get a free shipping code every month.. As long as you leave a skirt around the bench, you could always just use regular clamps for now. The wide base on our acclaimed Sure-Foot clamps prevents the old "domino effect" so common with ordinary bar clamps.
You will often see them used for gluing edges of wood together or assembling boxes or cabinets.

A tail vise screw can be used to make a wooden jawed leg vise to serve as standard face type vise, and then a shoulder vise screw can be used to construct a simple wagon vise that serves your tail vise needs. You can clamp other stops to the bench or use dogs or hold-down clamps to stop things from moving around. Whether you are working on a home repair project involving wood, metal or another material, you may often need to use a clamp. They have a wider opening capacity compared to other clamps, which comes in handy for certain projects. These clamps are very secure since once the toggle clamp is locked on the pivot points, it will not release until  the lever is moved.
They typically are used to hold two or more objects together, such as corners or oddly-shaped objects.
The jaw is mounted on a flat bar and the large screw on the bottom lets you tighten and release the clamp to your pleasing.

Toggle clamps are very common in the areas of woodworking, carpentry, construction and even metalworking. One clamp head is fixed (which features the screw for tightening), while the other slides on the opposite end of the pipe.
If you are gluing two pieces of wood together, for example, a spring clamp would be the ideal tool to use to apply pressure and hold them in place as they adhere to one another. They actually are usually less expensive and seem to be a bit more versatile in terms of the length of the pipe.

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