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Messmer's UV PlusMessmer’s UV Plus is a premium deck stain and natural wood finish which protects and beautifies exterior wood decks, siding, fences, log homes, and other wood projects. UV Plus is a penetrating deck stain, wood stain and oil finish that beautifies and protects exterior wood, providing a natural appearance.
On vertical, smooth surfaces, UV Plus can be expected to last for 2-3 years, on rough surfaces, 3-4 years and on decks 1-2 years. It is ideal for use on cedar, pine and redwood and comes in a variety of tones and semi-transparent colors.
These additives do not last very long and are not good permanent water repellents, in addition to this they interfere with adhesion should you decide to paint over the stain. UV Plus is an excellent choice for almost any exterior wood surface, including vertical surfaces.

The only way to get a shiny surface on the wood is by using a multiple coat, film forming finish. This results in a finish that highlights the natural beauty of the wood while still protecting it.
If a newly stained deck is rained on, the rain can force the stain up out of the pores of the wood, leaving a blotchy appearance.
We don’t recommend clear film forming finishes on decks because they are slippery when wet, they will eventually peel, and they are difficult to maintain and recoat. It does not form a surface film when properly applied and is not subject to peeling and flaking. The high solids content of UV Plus fills the pores of the wood, providing excellent water repellency that will last.

This allows you to maintain a natural look and provide extended color retention and protection to the wood.
Do not use UV Plus over paints or other film forming coatings, it’s designed to penetrate into bare or weathered wood surfaces. For a glossy or satin appearance on vertical surfaces, we recommend our Timberflex products.

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