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Every year home owners across the country spend countless amounts of money on wood privacy fence. Each Wood Defender fence stain product is designed and formulated for a single purpose, fence staining. Semi Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. Transparent Fence Stain - Utilizes ultra fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining the fence.
Recoat ability - Wood Defender products utilize a modified oil formula that enhances penetration and does not leave a surface film.

Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Semi-Transparent Stain provides warranted durability and color retention year after year, unlike conventional stains that fade and weather after only a year or two. Viking is committed to giving you the best quality, value and service when it comes to enriching and protecting the look of your fence. To confirm your color choices, visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store or Viking Fence and refer to our in-store color cards. Viking has partnered with Sherwin Williams to offer you one of the best wood stains available today. Even though cedar weathers over time to an attractive silver-gray patina that has a certain architectural appeal, research chemists and wood scientists strongly recommend that some form of protective finish be applied to retain western red cedar's natural characteristics.

Choose the color you desire from the color chart below and Viking's team will ensure a professional application. See the downloadable .pdf, to the left, for more information on applying finishes on Western Red Cedar.

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