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When the perfect sliding mechanism and design was obtained, Vertical Spice Rack as a company was born.
Founder and co-founder of Vertical Spice Rack, Scott Miedtke and his wife Linda Miedtke, scoured the kitchen spice rack market for a rack that would solve their organizational dilemma. Scott, with a background in mechanical engineering and a hobbyist woodworker, began drafting out spice rack designs to accomplish this.
Dozens of spice rack prototypes, using different woods, opening mechanisms, storage systems the designs came to fruition; then tweaked and tweaked yet again.

Regardless, the amount of customization allotted when ordering a vertical spice rack is astounding. For years, they struggled to find middle ground: a spice rack that was compact, granted easy access to all condiments and spices, but still added to the appearance of their kitchen.
Vertical Spice Rack offers a free Cabinet Designer tool that allows future spice rack owners to design the perfect rack to fit their kitchen space. Each unit has an innovative side-by-side design that allows spice racks to be vertically stacked but still maintain fluid motion and easy access to spices.

Vertical Spice Rack set out to solve a kitchen jam, and ended up inventing the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of spice racks.

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