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Here I am to post some infos about  the new feature that will very soon be available for RC Plane 2 : Multiplayer Air Duel ! Not all planes in RC Plane 2 will be selectable for the various multiplayer game modes, and this applies to Air Duel to. We are still working to improve plane performances, selection, weapons and general game balance, so expect further improvements and additions in future versions. And plse make a new area like a military base or a airport with other planes flying around. Hey love both RC plane 2 &helicopter but the update for RC plane 2 deleted my extra bundle packages I bought.
Hi, sorry for the issue, you can simply re-purchase the bundles or planes at NO charge (if using the same iTunes account as the first time). You definitely need to combine ideas; a WWI war plane in a night bombing rade where you have to land at your home base. I have downloaded the update for rc plane 2 , I have spent more than 10 pounds on this game and have bought every aircraft possible !
Sorry for the problems you are having with RC Plane 2, simply re-purchase the add ons and you will NOT BE CHARGED for them (if using the same account as the first time).

And plse make a new area like a military base or a airport with other planes flying around and maby add people and cars to the area and make the air craft carrier shoot at u and when u land on it u can control it. Recently updated rc plane 2 but all my purchases ie planes unlocked that I paid for were l locked I unlocked nearly all the planes at a cost of about six or seven pounds please advise .
Now we start stepping it up in to more serious hobby grade model planes, 4 channel models have more moving parts, more complex design and are more controllable.
These are the most advance type of radio controlled plane, just like with 4 channel models you have full control of the throttle, rudder and elevator but you also have aileron control which are flaps mounted on the trailing edge of the wings, this means when you are turning the plane you can also bank the wings allowing cornering to be done much faster – further more you can do many stunts such as rolls, loops, flips etc.
When deciding on your remote control plane there is one major consideration and these whether you purchase electric or nitro. Rc Plane 2 is one of the top games for iOS and we can help you to play it without any payments!
A stealth plane could not be locked by missiles if it had gear and weapon bays closed (but still shot down by regular cannon fire).
If you use the same itunes account, apple will let you re-download the various bundles or planes. To the newcomer the world of model planes can see over whelming, for example you have toy 2 channel models all the way up to advance 6 or 7 channel models and thats before you even decide between nitro or electric rc planes!

To download Rc Plane 2 for iPhone, we recommend you to select the model of your device, and then our system will choose the most suitable game apps. Once your plane hull has less than half of it’s original strength your plane will start emitting a dark smoke and will handle a little worst the before. This means you can fly the model in all directions and the 4 channel rc plane models make excellent trainer models if you plan to progress in the hobby. Downloading is very simple: select the desired ipa file and click "download free Rc Plane 2", then select one of the ways you want to get the game.
You can download Rc Plane 2 to iPad or iPhone absolutely free of charge directly at our site. When looking for a trainer model I would suggest selecting a model such as the Cessna which has a high wing design (Wing mounted above the fuselage) which gives the plane good stable flying characteristics. And if you're not sure if you should play Rc Plane 2 our video reviews will help you to make a right decision.

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