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I haven't really been into the Harry Potter phenom (although I'm thinking I should really read the series via my library and Kindle) but Alex has and he was impressed with that new area of the park, and commented many times on how great the details were.
For the sewing part of today's entry, I wanted to document the changes I made to the Magic Pencil Skirt for you and for the review I'll write up later. Parting shot - As promised, the HP top and the (wrinkled from being at a desk all day) KS skirt after work this past Tuesday. The only pattern modification I made to the HP was to widen the bottom of the ties and point them.
Yes, I'm also thankful for the many other blessings in my family and will later enjoy our turkey dinner together. The new Harry Potter ride was very well done too and impressed me, a theme park cynic and non-HP fan. Stopped by the grocery store for a few things NOT Turkey Day related, and then came home to clean up the house before Tyler's arrival.
I used the facings on my previous make of the top and they were fine, since they are shaped and get sewn into the sleeves which eliminates facing floppage, but I really like to eliminate facings whenever possible. The crowds were also enormously international and we felt our Americanism was quite the minority. The roller coaster in that section is still the "old" Dueling Dragons now renamed Dragon something-or-other, and it is still a screamer.

I don't know how many undies I'll get through because assembly-line sewing kills the mojo for me, but I'm going to make a stab because in the end, I really do prefer my self-made undies.
Not only did I "lose" the pattern for a bit (which I have NEVER done before), but I have no memory whatsoever of taking it out, pressing it flat, and then apparently laying it aside on the floor. But they do make me smile, and they completely crack up my younger son, who is a major SpongeBob fan.Today I'm going to investigate turning this new pants pattern into pants I can leave the house in. I did all the coasters and other rides with Alex, except for the one where you end up dripping wet. Then continue your sewing but now using basting stitches to sew the remainder of the kick pleat. I have a few pairs cut out from before the weight loss that I'll need to recut smaller and I also have some knit scraps from recent projects to add to the production. Of course, there were a few rude peeps here and there as there always are, but by and large and especially with a swarm this huge, everyone else was pretty nice, friendly, and polite — even if we didn't understand a word they were saying to each other. It was quite warm yesterday (around 80), but I still wasn't up for walking around the park soaked to the skin. Continue with the pattern instructions, and obviously, start your hem at one side of the kick pleat and end it at the other, so you don't sew it closed at the bottom. Since they have man-made cushioned heels and soles, they were actually quite comfortable all day long as I knew they would be, and wearing them let me also wear a pair of my newer jeans without hemming or walking on the bottoms.

Then clip the corner at the kick pleat on the *right* extension, flip it over onto the left and from the right side, sew the extensions in place with an angled line of stitching, as shown below. And even though I actually reduced my usual quantity of food bought and prepared, we STILL had a TON to eat and now a TON of leftovers in the fridge. So, what I'm saying is ignore the envelope and use your tape measure on the pattern pieces themselves.
It isn't the boots that I'm feeling today — just the constant use of out-of-shape leg muscles and creeping up on a certain age. I also narrowed the shoulders and took a tuck below the neck on the center back piece due to erect posture (like a sway back alteration but higher).
A quick tissue fit told me I was on track and another quick fit of the pin-basted pants in real fabric was still good. The back crotch angles are actually more alike than they look here because Simplicity added a "just in case" seam allowance to the center back seam like what you see in men's slacks.Oh, and lest you think that my pants look perfectly wrinkle-free all the time. I'll be looking through my Burda WOFs for a true jeans pattern I can morph with this one and I'll be testing out my new alterations to see how they transfer.

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