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In a previous article we discussed the numerous benefits of cold frame gardening and how to extend your growing season by weeks, and in some cases months. If you really want to build an elaborate cold frame, consider the FarmTek model.  This could almost be called a “hoop house” and can be constructed on a pretty large scale. Having your own diy greenhouse is a wonderful asset to any home gardener, but cold frames are the next best thing. Frames constructed out of PVC piping, and a strong sheet of plastic for the cover, are light enough to be moved from one part of the garden to another.

This one has been placed on a foundation of  bricks and is more permanent in nature than the lightweight PVC  model above. Pressure treated is heavy so don’t plan on moving this cold frame around without a little help. This one is 12 feet long and uses a very heavy plastic to cover the four foot high hoops.  You can certainly fit a lot of plants, even the tall ones, in this spacious frame. Remember few important things while making this type of cold frame such as keep the back tall than front side and boxes to short as compared to window for rain to run off.

If you build a couple right now, you’ll be off to a roaring start next spring and you’ll end the season well after the snow arrives.  If you love to garden, get into cold frame gardening.  You’ll be glad you did! After using for seed starting and hardening off,  place the pvc cold frame over tender lettuce plants in the fall and harvest in early winter.

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