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I wanted to do this DIY and on the cheap and after seeing a few stoves made from propane tanks I checked the garage and we had a 20lb tank collecting dust. I put on a section or 2 i believe of stove pipe and balanced it while i tested the baffle until i was happy.
I failed to mention in my previous comment that lining the propane tank with fire brick will increase the thermal mass of the stove and help it stay hot longer.
Because the tank was vertical not horizontal i had to create a baffle to keep the fire in the fire box and not in the stove pipe! Essentially, the door and pipe are outside the sauna, the only thing in the sauna is about 2 feet of stove(the rear).

I have made a few adjustments to the stove and burning Oak and other hardwood has really increased how fast the sauna heats up and the new window holds heat much better. From my experience with backyard saunas, it seems like a good idea to rig up a stove that is loaded from the outside.
Stick with the horizontal design, ad dry sand to the bottom and place a layer of fire brick on top of it.
Over the summer it didn't get used weekly but now that fall is here it is Sauna season!! Plans, designs, purpose, frequency of use, time of use, and last but not least best location on my property for its use.

I've also heard warnings about asphyxiation from the stove drawing out the breathable air, but that could easily be an old-wives tale. I also improved the rock to stove pipe ratio by taking a section of steel wire rack and bending it to create a cylinder.
Last but not least if you put cement board or just plane old adobe bricks in the corner behind the stove that will also improve its efficiency.

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