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Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. Learn more about SketchUp in Joe Zeh’s Popular Woodworking University course, SketchUp Comprehensive.
Of course, I will be teaching at Woodworking in America (WIA) this September 12th through 14th in Winston-Salem. Chuck is the senior editor of Popular Woodworking, and has 30+ years of experience as a high-end period furniture maker and woodworking teacher. Steve Shanesy is the former publisher (and former editor and senior editor) of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Exposure to tools of different crafts (and the folks who are into those crafts) can generate new ideas for woodworking, and for incorporating other materials into projects that are mostly wood. Here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, we haven’t written much about CNC routers or laser engravers for woodworking.

A feature article on makerspaces (and community woodshops) will appear in an upcoming issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. I’m working on an upcoming article for Popular Woodworking Magazine that includes router-bit storage. But before we get into how bits are stored, I’d like to find out how many router bits our blog readers actually own. A Q&A like this belongs in Popular Mechanics, Woodsmith Shopnotes, or the new addition to the PW family, American Woodworker, not in a magazine for more advanced woodworker. Related to one of the comments: any reference to Norm Abrams should be excised from Popular Woodworking. For me, there is a lot more to woodworking than making stuff, and what I learn about myself from the process is in the end more important than what I learn about the process.
Following his retirement, he is now a contributing editor, blogging about what he's doing in his own shop.

The reader wondering if woodworking is for them in the first paragraph can rent some time this weekend and find out. While there are woodworking-only makerspaces, cooperative shops and wood shops managed by local clubs, most makerspaces offer access to more tools including 3D printers, electronics, robotics and metalworking equipment. Popular Woodworking Magazine is a valuable resource for woodworkers of all abilities from the seasoned professional to the beginning woodworker who just purchased his first tool.
And Norm Abram has introduced woodworking to so many people throughout his career that we should all be thankful.
He has combined his love of woodworking with his knowledge of 3-D; he teaches SketchUp, both video and live courses, and writes SketchUp Ruby script plugins for woodworking.

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