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Unlike normal beds it is much closer to the ground and can be as low as 8 inches from the floor. Some buyers purchase the bed frames together with Tatami mats to be the base while most mattress platform have manifold slats for a use without a box spring. The Tatami mats are straw mats customarily used in maintaining people and objects alienated from the floor and to be used as a base for the Japanese platform bed frame by the people who undergo back pain and choose a firmer support for the mattress.The sizes of a bed frame are available in Full, Cal King, Queen, and Standard King.

You can get this Japanese platform bed that is now offered in sets with a small dresser and similar pair of nightstands. Japanese platform bed frame has a style and beauty which was stirred by the pagodas architecture and are what magnetize people the most.Shaker solid wood platform bed frameTraditional Japanese Platform Bed FrameThe traditional platform bed frame is normally hand-crafted. Other reasons people like the Japanese platform bed frame are due to the belief that it can encourage good fortune.

This bed is very stylish in these days’ modern furniture and a wide variety are obtainable from the comparatively affordable ones ranging from as low as $250 for the basic unit and will go up to in excess of $3,500 for a complete set.

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