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I applied two coats of Circa 1850 Tung 'N' Teak oil finish to protect my planters and keep the wood looking fresh. The only remaining step for this weekend project is to find something beautiful to plant in these new additions to your backyard. Also, mark and cut slots in the side of the base board of the planter, as well as matching slots in the ends and sides. They replace those ugly nursery-grade containers that plants come in, and can be made to straddle whatever thickness of deck or fence you have at home.

This arrangement results in the planter legs extending below the bottom of the planter box by an amount equal to the thickness of the leg stock.
But in something light and small such as these planters, reduced biscuit size doesn't reduce joint strength enough to matter. To prevent the holes from clogging, put a layer of gravel in the bottom of each planter before filling with soil.
If you don’t have a railing that could use some floral pick-me-ups, the planters can easily stand on their own.

Later, as you cut your boards to size, you should be able to position your cuts to avoid the largest of the knots, leaving you with a project of predominantly clear cedar.

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