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We have scoured the web and found a number of calligraphy style fonts which we think you might like to use in PerfectTablePlan for your plans, charts or stationery. If you copy a plan file to another PC you will need to copy any non-standard fonts it is using. 2) Find a large mirror, and use a gold or silver permanent pen to write on your table plan. 4) String a ribbon or twine across a blank wall in your venue, and use pegs to pin up pretty paper doilies or luggage tags with your table details written on them. By clicking on the 'Sign Up' button, you are agreeing to Perfect Wedding's terms & conditions. With all this information added, you can then shuffle all the pieces around and come up with an automatic seating plan that best fits everyone's needs.
If you're looking for inspiration for your wedding table decorations, try our real brides' best ideas!

PerfectTablePlan is the easiest way to make a table seating plan for your wedding, event or celebration. So much easier than trying to explain where you want the tables and which centerpieces you want where.
Then, hang ribbon across the frame (much like with the suitcase table plan idea) and hang luggage tags from them listing your table. Such a party might be a dozen people in your dining room, or else it might be a conference dinner layout for something like the PC Pro Awards, running to hundreds of people spread across dozens of tables in a huge hotel ballroom. If you are planning a wedding you will love marking two people who are not meant to seat next to each other with a death-sign. Just add information about your guests (including who should sit near who), decide the sizes and shapes of the tables and click on the automatic layout button. Some of the 'taller' fonts may not be ideal for use in floor plans as only 1 line of text will fit within a seat.

It's a good way to use up bare walls, or a great option if you don't have much space to set up a table plan.
You can graphically lay out the tables onscreen, whether they be round ones, square ones or blocks of rectangular ones. The line, which includes dining tables, a standup cocktail table, bar chairs (in photo), a back bar and a coffee table, is fashioned from reclaimed steel and hand-distressed wood.

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